Sunday , March 26 2023

Last Minute | Galatasaray's new transfer to Marcao arrived in Istanbul – Galatasaray News


GalatasarayE Team in Portugal ChavesBrazilian defender who agreed to surrender Marcos Do Nascimento Teixeira (Marcao)Came to Istanbul.

Club officials welcomed the 22-year-old ataturk airport yellow-red. Marcao, where security staff at the airport received intensive security measures, welcomed a small number of Galatasaray fans, while fans tried to shoot with a star football player. Meanwhile, Marcao's Galatasaray ingenuity was led by leaders. Mark's fans left the medieval red-yellow fan in the waiting vehicle.

The yellow-red team recently announced the transfer of Marcao, and the new transfer yesterday with the previous team was the last match with Chaves. Chaves this season, 17 league, including 24 league games, 22-year-old, signed 3 goals.

They read this storyMarcao: “I'm very happy about my new adventure in Mar

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