Sunday , February 28 2021

Last minute! Another Mustafa Cengiz reaction: "TFF must not apply double standards"

Galatasaray Sports Club chairman Mustafa Cengiz, Turkey Football Federation (TFF), and set up, according to team supporters, said they should not practice double standards.

Mayor Cengiz, in his written statement on the website of the club, Galatasaray, Turkey is the most valuable national brand in the world of sports, he said: "It is the most valuable brand, they have gained them in the institutions and official position, or through the use of mediatic energy, of their own fanaticism at Galatasaray "who try to harm, the punishment, trying to damage not only Galatasaray, our country, to damage our homeland, should be familiar with the inscription and evidence that they are. the expressions used.

The Yellow-Red Club, with more than 100 million sympathies around the world, has more than 30 million fans across the country, and Cengiz, a long-time-minded synergist, said:

"The move to the end of the Galatasaray Sports Club can not be prevented by traps and attacks that are being thrown from the back of the field or outside. It must be the same crime and must not disturb the public's conscience.

"Our club does not act against written, verbal discourses of our club by punishing a formal statement, punishing a formal statement and even defaming insults to our competitor's announcements and club coach."


Cengiz pointed out that they do not have a management approach aimed at the fine that their opponents receive or will receive and who is with him fortune.

Cengiz said that they are a community that is indexed by international achievements through national advancements: "Justice is necessary for everyone and we are firmly in line with double standards." used.

The media, rural and TFF Board of Directors, which applies double standards, tools, accidents and positions to the world of occupation, ending the laws, will end with the recording of Cengiz: "Yesterday in silence who thinks cowardice can be challenged at any time." Format is an opinion.

Mustafa Cengiz, "Galatasaray will continue to fight against all types of traps, despite the respect for all forms of counterattack, despite the respect for the dignity of his opponent of personality," he said in an assessment.


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