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Last Minute … All the Curiously Expected Fed Interests in the World! Here is the full text İşte

International markets were closed at the Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting. The meeting that started yesterday ended today and the Fed announced its interest rate decision.

FED, tonight at 22:00 was announced announced an interest rate increase. Accordingly, the federal funding rate remained between 2.25 and 2.50. The decision was taken unanimously.

The Fed's announcement has increased the gradual increase in rates. The US Central Bank is committed to being "patient" in future movements. The normalization of the Fund's balance sheet is intended for adjustment. The phrase "risk balance" has been removed from the text of the decision.

According to the Fed, spending increased and investments became moderate. In the Communication, core inflation remained close to 2 per cent, while research-based inflation expectations changed slightly. The US Central Bank maintained a $ 50 billion monthly balance.

In the FED statement, where the federal funding rate is the main monetary policy instrument, market-based inflation compensation indicators have declined in recent months.

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What are the 2019 FED Estimates?

The Fed decided not to raise interest in an economist this evening. The Fund's views are on an increase of 3 percent in 2019.


The dollar, which reached its peak during the day, peaked at 5.3245, falling against the expectations of the Central Bank's inflation review meeting and lost 5.2620. The dollar was also 5.26 before the Fed's decision. The first reaction was strengthened in the Turkish lira. The dollar fell to 5.24. The dollar continues to fall to 5.22.


The Fed, with the inauguration of Jerome Powell in 2018, raised interest rates four times. After Powell's launch on March 21, the Fed made the first interest rate increase followed by 1.25-1.50 basis points on June 13, September 26, and finally on December 19, 25 basis points increased year-on-year with 2.25 2.50 basis points.

March 2125 basis points1.50-1.75
June 1325 basis points1.75-2.00
September 2625 basis points2.00-2.25
December 1925 basis points2.25-2.50
Last minute ... The whole world was interested in waiting for the Fed's interest statement.


The Fund raised interest rates for the fourth time in a year, announcing an increase in interest rates. In this statement, the Fed stated that it would increase its rate by 25 basis points to 1.50-1.75.

The Fed held a monetary policy meeting on August 1, 13 June, raising interest rates by 25 basis points to 1.75 – 2.00 percent.

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The first interest rate increase was made on 26 September with 25 basis points. Thus, the policy rate was increased to 2.00-2.25 percent. In 2018, four of the 16 Fed members had 4 interest rate increases as expected.

The Fed launched a tougher cycle in December 2015 and started taking action at this point. Since the tension cycle, the Fed has raised interest rates for the ninth time. At the same time, Fed US President Trump has raised interest rates six times since the start of the office in January 2017.

Last minute ... The whole world was interested in waiting for the Fed's interest statement.

TRUMP was in the last years of 2018

US President Donald Trump warned before the latest Fed meeting on December 18th. Trump urged the Fed to feel market-free Tr. In his Twitter account he claimed that the Fed should not further reduce liquidity on the markets Tr FED people, hopefully, will read an article published in the Wall Street Journal today without any other mistake. Moreover, they do not make the market liquidity lower than at present. Stop the 50 billion asset cut. Feel the market, not just after useless numbers. Good luck!

Trump has also warned of the Fed's position on Twitter, even. It is unbelievable that despite the global outbreak, the Fed is assessing the interest rate despite strong outflows and zero inflation. Paris burns, China is down. Grasp your victory

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