Monday , March 1 2021

Kuşadası municipality opens a healthy nutrition school

In recent years, Kuşadası has conducted several health workshops and carried out public awareness campaigns on healthy lifestyles.

Kuşadası municipality is the first place in the health area.

The Aegean kitchen house, discovered by the Kuşadası municipality, the historic Kuşadas port and cultural project, which in recent years has organized various seminars on healthy lifestyles, Aysen Arıcan Öz is opening.

A Healthy School of Nutrition will be organized once a week once a week to prevent chronic illnesses caused by unconscious nutrition and the public's awareness of healthier generations. Those who want to participate in the Kuşadası Municipal Health School will cover topics such as healthy eating, groups of food and alternative foods, proper nutrition to protect against chronic diseases by purchasing, preparing, storing, preparing methods, correcting certain dietary mistakes and tips. For a healthy attenuation, Person's applications may be submitted to the Güverchins Mass Unit located on the ground floor of the Kuşadası Municipal Main Service building.

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