Tuesday , March 21 2023

It spreads in the country! If not controlled …


Rubinstein, who made statements in the Argentine press, described a hantavirus outbreak as "extremely serious" and said 30 percent of the virus traps had died.

Rubinstein, the virus is being transmitted from person to person, and it's worrying that when moving, the Epuyen quarantine city and biosecurity measures have been reported.

In December, 10 people died of hantavirus infection in the Epuyen city of Chubut, Argentina. It was found that Epuyen and about 28 people had hantavirus infection, 85 people were quarantined, and the decision was taken for 40 days to detect the development and symptoms of the virus. In addition, city residents were warned not to buy.


Hantavirus infection, which is commonly seen in America, can be transmitted through contact with urine or wild mice.

Hantavirus causes symptoms such as fever and chills, impaired kidney function, headache, muscle, arm and back pain, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, transient blurred vision, cough, breathing problems, skin or skin bleeding.

Hantavirus infection has no vaccine or special treatment.

In South America, Argentina reported that the number of deaths from hantavirus in 2013-2018 was 111.

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