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It protects you from cancer! | Health news

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Peas can be consumed at least twice a week … Chickpea is a folate that is needed for DNA synthesis and recovery. Therefore, it does not allow DNA to change in the form of cancer cells and protects the structure.

  • 1It protects you from cancer!


    Public Health Specialist Assoc. Dr. Oguz Ozyaral, at least twice a week, consumes, said that it is nohud, DNA in the form of cancer cells to prevent change and protect the structure, he said.

  • 2It protects you from cancer!


    Using this function, chickpeas help prevent the spread of cancer cells in the body that transmits Ozyaral, "chicken beans, especially against breast cancer, are protective.

  • 3It protects you from cancer!


    This helps to reduce complaints such as hot sweat and sweating during this period. "

  • 4It protects you from cancer!



    Özyaral, then richly produced peas in Turkey, which wants less water, even in infertile areas, is a product that can grow very friendly, he said:

  • 5It protects you from cancer!


    Ina These pulses, known to almost everyone, need to find more space on the tables because the peas are rich in fiber, calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, copper, zinc and iron, as well as rich in vitamin A and betacarotine. Selenium also helps prevent tumor formation.

  • 6It protects you from cancer!


    The chicken also protects against breast cancer. By supporting the development of harmful bacteria in the gut, it also supports the development of beneficial bacteria required for the digestive system. Thanks to the high amount of fiber, peas reduce the risk of cancer associated with the large intestine and the anus, protect the digestive system and strengthen the stomach. "

  • 7It protects you from cancer!



    Assoc. Dr. Ozyaral, some people to avoid vitamin values ​​in water, have not spilled nohud, but this water is more than a vitamin, full of poison, says: "Dry chickpeas that are offered to prepare a meal at least one night before pouring into drinking water.

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