Tuesday , March 21 2023

Is the deceased at the time of the reign? Another abomination of fire! EDHO 116. Watch the new episode trailer!


The first 116 new episode trailer to appear on Tuesday, November 20, will be released. The new EDHO section will reveal whether the type died or not. In the last chapter of EDHO, Ilyas was transferred with knowledge that the transfer was almost destroyed. Did Elijah, who had a weapon on his head, gave him? On the other hand, Alpaslane learned that the true betrayer was the Fire. Alpaslan explains that this is Aliya and Hızr the traitor. Cakırbeyliler also performs Ateş. The last victim of the River Atech, who is about to run, is her sister Emine.

Cakirbeylis has long tried to find a trader. Ilyas Cakirbeyli & # 39; s traitor came to the information type. The plan created by Atech is a betrayer. Evil, who took over the work of Hizar Cakırbeyli, was a big shock when he became aware of Typical tyranny. In the final stage of EDHO, in the final stage, Ilyas Tips is head-to-head. At that time, his uncle Alzslan Ilyasin's family was no longer concerned about the fact that there was a fire in real captivity. Al-Paslan could not, however, reach his forefather İlyas. And EDHO, or Elijah pull an alert to kill the Type? T

Ilya, accusing him of disobedience, does not want to see Alparslan, whom he said to erase, in his hotel. Khidru is also worried about the dispute between the two Cakirbayli. After he went to his corner, he assumed that the mistake he made to Elijah, whom he appointed as the head of the family, was imposed on himself. Although Alparslan says his goal is to protect his family, such protection is not valid for Khidr. The Alpsland still thinks that he needs to set boundaries. They send a clear message to the bouncers: either give me a transfer, or I'm gone! The circle has narrowed the Fire, which eliminates the obstacles at the İzetes. When Ilyas attack from one side to the other, Izzet and Atesh come together to prepare a great game to continue their partnership. The victim of this game, which can lead to the destruction of everyone, will be a way …

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