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Is breakfast the most important daily meal? – life

Jessika Brown

We have heard that the most important meal is breakfast, healthy and poor people do not interfere with breakfast. Well, really?

The word "breakfast is the most important daily meal" is an argument commonly used by all parents. But two thirds of adults in the UK and three thirds of the United States are having breakfast.

"Our body consumes a lot of energy at night to grow and correct," says nutritionist Sarah Elder. "At the beginning of the day, balanced breakfast and energy, as well as our protein and calcium content, will be supplemented."

But some of them disagree with the meaning given to them for breakfast. Some complain about the success of a diet that does not last long hours a day, and others complain about the impact of a crisp market, which aims to lead the public on the importance of breakfast. There is even an academic who states that breakfast is "dangerous".

Is breakfast the best way to start a day, do crunch companies outweigh the importance of breakfast for their own good?

Daily changes

Scientific research on breakfast mostly relates to the relationship between obesity and the other.

In a study that analyzed the health data of 50,000 people in the United States, body mass index was lower for those who think and practice breakfast like most daily dishes than those who take care of lunch or dinner.

The researchers confirmed this by increasing the sense of frustration, reducing daily calorie intake, improving the quality of our diet using fiber foods, and reducing the risk of insulin by increasing insulin sensitivity after the next meal.

However, to answer the question of whether it really was breakfast, the researchers organized a 12 week slimming program with 52 obese women. One day in all women had the same amount of calories, but half day began with breakfast, but breakfast was not on the other side.

It was found that what made them lose weight was not to have breakfast, but to change the usual order. Those who had not had breakfast had lost their weight in the old routine when they started breakfast. It was found that those who took breakfast lost this food and lost more weight than those who continued to eat breakfast.

Breakfast obesity connection

So, why is there a relation between weight loss and obesity, if only breakfast is not a reason for weight loss?

Some of this problem is characterized by the fact that those who do not have breakfast have less nutrition and health information. Those who eat breakfast may also be exposed to positive behavior, such as smoking or regular physical activity.

If the results of 10 different studies were checked in 2016, it was concluded that the data relating to breakfast and weight were "limited". The indication that breakfast was affecting the weight or quantity of foods consumed was still not justified.

Stopped fasting diet

After eating a certain amount of time in the evening and continuing to do the same, maintaining fasting diets is a method of weight and general health.

In a study in 2018, she showed that this diet is effective in controlling blood sugar and insulin sensitivity and lowering blood pressure.

Eight men in the diabetic area were given two different regimens: half of the daily calorie intake was consumed at noon. From 9:00 to 15:00 in the morning, the other half consumed the same amount of calories in 12 hours. It was found that the first group of tensions fell to the level of drug-related exposure.

However, it is said that the subject group is small, and more research is needed in this area to discover long-term benefits.

The fact that an academician increases the amount of cortisol at the beginning of the day and that it causes type 2 diabetes, increasing insulin resistance over time, the fact that he finds breakfast in the morning, is a dangerous Bir, is not very popular among researchers.

Experts, the highest cortisol speed from the body is in the morning a high body rhythm.

In a study in which 18 people with diabetes mellitus last year without 18 diabetes problems, it was observed that breakfast without breakfast broke the body clock in both groups and caused a sudden increase in blood sugar after the first meal. The researchers concluded that breakfast was important for the normal functioning of the body's body.

Dinner is important

However, Courtney Peterson, a maintainer of nutrition at the University of Alabama, emphasizes that those who do not have breakfast should be divided into two groups. Those eating in the morning and eating dinner in normal hours benefit from intermittent nausea, breakfast and those who have dinner overnight, significantly increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease.

For this reason, Peterson believes that it is much more important than dinner, not breakfast.

Blood glucose is the best in the beginning of the day. When we do it in the evenings in the evenings, it becomes difficult to control. Therefore, even if we skip breakfast, we should be careful not to eat late.

A study conducted in two UK universities examines the impact of food hours on weight. The findings suggest that taking breakfast in the morning is important for weight control.

Healthy foods

Breakfast not only affects your weight. It is said that a reduction in breakfast increases the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes by more than 20 percent.

One of the reasons may be the nutritional value of breakfast. In western countries it is usual to eat crispy breakfast. Visiting various vitamin and mineral supplements for breakfast. In a UK study, more than 1,600 young people reported having a regular breakfast had better levels of fiber and folic acid, vitamin C, iron and calcium.

Experts also believe that breakfast has a positive effect on memory and concentration. But what he is eating at breakfast is also important.

Some studies have shown that a large protein breakfast reduces food consumption during the day.

The consumption of breakfast for breakfast in the United Kingdom and the United States is quite widespread. However, the fact that cereals contain high sugar content is a matter of concern.

Some would say that it would be better to do it in the morning if it were consumed sweet.

As a result of 54 studies, there is a lack of consensus on what kind of breakfast is more useful and, above all, something to eat in the morning.

However, some experts believe that the natural flow of the body, eating hunger, is not a problem for dinner.

Someone wants to eat something in the morning. A study of people on the border with diabetes, food, blood sugar, such as oats, such as food, concluded that it was useful.

Some experts believe that such a study should be done taking into account personal differences. Moreover, without taking into account the daily eating habits, concentrating attention on just one meal will not produce proper results.

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