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How do I credit my credit card? How do I recover a bank account service fee?

If you want to reduce your credit limit, the bank cannot be deducted from the insurance policy. If you see a break in your account, contact the Consumer Arbitration Committee immediately. Don't lose your money. For millions of credit card users in Turkey, complaining about cut card fees from credit card credit card charges … However, the bank can recover with a simple credit card repayment petition without trial. Credit card charges are charged for reasons such as account fees and file costs. When you think that on the basis of banaklar customers, about 3 billion TL credit fees are paid during the year.

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Banks cannot be charged to consumers other than those mentioned in the Regulation on the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA). Consumers must approve all charges payable. Nevertheless, it is said that some banks have deducted the fees included in the regulation without taking into account consumer knowledge. The last event happened in Kahramanmarsa.


S.B. asked to reduce the limit of 8,000 lire overdraft account (MCO) to 5000 lire. The bank reduced the consumer overdraft account to 5,000 lire. B. B. After checking his bank accounts, he realized that 106.31 lira was cut off from an overdraft deposit account without knowing himself as an insurance policy.


Mr B, who applied to the District Arbitration Court, declared that he was insured under accident insurance. The Arbitration Court considered that the request was accepted by deciding to return the insurance fee received by the bank. The Arbitration Bank found out about the decision to return 106.31 pounds deducted from the account.

Bank Customer Numbers

Ziraat Bank 444 00 00, Bank 444 02 02, Akbank 444 25 25, Yapı-Kredi 444 0 444, Finansbank 444 0 900, Banka Asya 444 1 500, Garanti Bank 444 0 333, Halkbank 444 0 400, Vakıfbank 444 0 724 Turkey Finance 444 2 444 444 5 666 Albaraka Turk, TEB 444 0 666 Source: Discounts How to Get a Credit Card Fee? Credit card refund request


Consumers do not have to do any service or service in this regard, said Güllü, "It is very simple and easy to do. If the consumer has reduced the operating fee within 10 years, they will be required to charge the bank bank for these interruptions. If they do not refer to the arbitration panel councils or do not give answers, should go to the district administration on the Internet or in a petition with a receipt, ”he said.

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