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He knocked a guy who was beating a woman on the market with one punch

The man who came to the shop in the Karšira district and wanted to drink every day was afraid that the woman would be in the market for some time. This client came to the company where the woman worked again. The man could not learn the word, again claiming that the woman had abused the verbal abuse. The market worker woman, the man wanted to go out but failed. The woman asked for help from her next door boxer Coşkun Küçüksayraç. Küçüksayraç, who came to the store on the market, wanted to convince a man who was considered to be born, but he couldn't succeed. The little cuss, the man continued to curse, one person perforated the person.

Silah Ability to remove knife or weapon from your pocket.

Coşkun Küçüksayraç said that the person who abused the woman in the market before the incident disturbed other people in the neighborhood. There were complaints about him in the neighborhood. The guy has to roam. He swore the words to the people left. No one is interested. During the lecture I received a phone call because I knew all the dealers and all the neighbors. I went. I didn't know that the man was alcoholic and full of pills, but he was a prisoner. In this case, it was also possible to remove a knife or weapon from his pocket, Dol said.

I've done my duty to humanity. Photo: UAV

Coşkun Küçüksayraç from the perpetrator of a malicious person. Photo: UAV

"I've done my duty to man"

Küçüksayraç said that both he and the man had to remove the words that unconsciously came out of his mouth during the accident. There was an old aunt with a woman. I stopped at the door and would not go. He swears and offends a lot. He said the words that man should not come from his mouth. I continued to pull my hand. At that moment I wanted to end the incident. Did it have to be done? I think we should. In recent times, men and women who are unable to express themselves against men must first pay attention to the mouth. In this case, I also fulfilled my duty as normal humanity

"People must be more responsive"

Emphasizing that people do not respond to harassment or violence by women, Küçüksayraç said, in such cases no one responds to the outside. A man videotaping a woman beating a woman does not answer. People need to be more responsive. Women must be able to defend themselves. It is not the same as human. I think I did it here, Ben

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