Tuesday , March 21 2023

Gambling in the capital: 22 arrests


According to information received, the Republican Office in an apartment with no signs of gambling, in a statement issued by the Ethiopian Bureau of Antarctic Police Officers, address.

Many people panicked, seeing them in front of the police, pushed each other to jump over the tables and tried to avoid a fire. According to AA; Some tables and chairs were killed in battles, police teams, wanted to sleep on the ground.

The teams found a lot of bingo cards and game stamps on the tables, where there was a kitchen and tea oven, gambling called "bingo". It is alleged that the device used in the game is kidnapped by persons whose identity can not yet be determined.

22 detained, O.B. and K.G is the gambling room manager E.A. and B.V.

It was stated that B.V. served as a guard against police invasions, which were called "men". O.B., K.G. and B.V. E.A., under the age of 18 years. She was taken to the Children's Department.

In total, 4 thousand 662 pounds penalty was imposed on 18 people who were determined to play gambling. In the meantime, identity information is questioned. and BC were searched for various crimes.


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