Monday , June 5 2023

Galatasaray transmits the message: Nisha to the forms, Galatasaray Vermaelen


Galatasaray executives can lease FFP, Galatasaray, Vermaelen & Everton Niasse.

Galatasaray often suffered frequent injuries and punishment, and began working to strengthen its employees during the transfer period.

morning "According to the news; yellow red, FFP, since the team has the opportunity to lease the players whose head is designed.

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In May, Maicon plans to divide the roads with the yellow reds, with the end of the season Barcelona will end the contract Thomas Vermaelen will work.

A galactic who has been struggling since the departure of Goms on the relay line wants to solve the problem with Oumaru Nias, who is only 48 minutes in Everton.

Galatasaray management, hot ministers return to Turkey to buy Senegalese players will be offered a chance to rent.

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