Tuesday , October 26 2021

Foreign students' university warning from YÖK: Diplomas are not valid


Higher Education Council (Yok) bulunularak warned that some foreign universities should not be so hungry as an unofficial branch in Turkey was reported to be the validity of the diploma obtained from here.

The statement made by Yok rules for higher education institutions operating in Turkey in the Satversme, which defines state institutions and universities with scientific autonomy in 130 articles, but he recalled could be created under the law, and state supervision and control of the state.

It was also stated that the establishment and operation of universities and their associated organizations were regulated by law.

In order to recognize a higher education institution for the purposes of that regulation, the statement "The country must be legally recognized in the country of origin and in the country in which it operates, depending on the country's higher education institution", stated:

It is clear from the applications and announcements made in recent days that foreign universities abroad have opened so-called branches in our country and have graduated. In Turkey, where the Middle East and Balkan headquarters are located, Gaziantep, Mersin, Antakya, Sanliurfa, Bursa, Istanbul, Ankara, the so-called university campus or branch, the so-called university branches that work informally in apartments, trying to collect students through social media found.

These bodies, which have no legal basis for establishing and operating and do not have official status, should not be subject to education and training that does not conform to the method and principle used in our country.

"Diplomas will be rejected" warning

“It is understood that so-called university education is considered to be a short period of time, and especially for asylum seekers in our country, without the necessary academic and professional achievements, in apartments or without the necessary qualifications and qualifications required for higher education.

In order to protect our national higher education system and its quality from such destructive consequences, diplomas that are not recognized in our country and are illegal in our country are rejected on the basis of the relevant legislation. expressions.

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