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Flash Explanations from Minister Murata Kuruma

Wednesday 14 November 2018 – 10:11 | Last updated: 14 11 2018 – 10:35

The Minister for the Environment and the City of Murat Kurum made statements in the editorial office of the Anadolu Agency. The institution: "Converting about 550 thousand homes since the law was adopted since 2012. Our strategy in the field of urban transformation will not be improved in development if the zoning growth does not exceed 20-25 percent. We want to plan the next 50 years in our country."

The Ministry of the Environment and Urbanization said that today, 5-5.5 million homes should be transformed, which will reach 7.5 million buildings in 2025. We need to convert them as soon as possible. If we want to plan the cities of our countries for the next 50 years. " he said.

"We do not allow high-rise building construction"

The institution that will make urban transformation should highlight the technical and financial suitability of the institution, "Mayor of Measures says: we do not want high-rise buildings. Follow this, and at this point we will not be able to build a multi-storey building." how to.


Plastic waste at sea will exceed the number of fish in 2050. Plastic bags will be 25 cents starting in 2019. The use of plastic bags per person is 440 pieces yapıy Our goal is plastic bags Our goal is to reduce our target by 201 by 90 years and by the year 2025 – 40.

National Garden with her

Our goal is to create at least one folk garden in 81 provinces.

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