Sunday , March 26 2023

Face-to-face shopping with US customers


National biometric facial recognition data in the United States can be used in stores to identify customers.

According to, US retailers want to use the recognition of biometric identities in loyalty programs that they use to reward buyers. Companies are trying to persuade American consumers.

Last year, Lincoln Motor Company issued a free biometric card to its new customers. As a result, drivers can quickly search for security checks at airports and stadiums.

George Brostov, executive director of the US data security company SensibleVision, claims that the system used to share loyalty with customers in America is a new step in biometrics. Goode Intelligence founder Alan Goode said biometric customer loyalty programs have tremendous potential, and recognizing their impressions can be used to determine the cost and age of customers in stores.

BiteKiosk is one of the fastest food chain in the country and wants to use facial recognition at payment locations to increase business profits and offer discounts to its customers.


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