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ESET explained: The world needs 3 million cyber security experts

The global shortage of cyber security workers seems alarming. A certified association of cyber security professionals gathering experts from different countries published 2.9 million copies of the ISC study.

According to studies reported by ESET, the biggest shortage of experts has been experienced in the Asia-Pacific region. Growing economies, technology development companies and new data privacy laws in the countries of the region are open to 2.14 million people. The Asia-Passif region is followed by 498,000 people in North America. Open, 142 thousand EMEA, including Europe, 136 thousand people in South America.

According to Stephen Cobb, a senior security researcher who is himself a CISSP certified information security expert, the ISC review does not exaggerate the need for global cyber security skills. Cobb, who suggested that these numbers should be taken seriously, in my study in 2016, the number of people who thought that the right cyber security skills were moderate or very difficult was 83% Söz.

ESET Security Expert Cobbs, the ISC report continued as follows: In the last ISC report, 63% of their organization members were "lack of personnel in the cyber security area," he said. In addition, 60 percent claimed that their organization was at risk of moderate and progressive cyber attacks due to staff shortages.


According to his observations, Stephen Cobb believes that states and companies are unable to demonstrate the necessary efforts to attract enough people to the cyber security profession and that they are not enough to ensure that people have the necessary skills. Cobb continues: “In addition, estimates of what is sufficient to provide people are not in line with the pace and spread of technology development. In general, every new device connected to the Internet increases the number of potential attack areas. As these devices are new, compared to proven and tested technologies, the level of skills needed to protect them is also increasing. These devices, which represent new technology waves from drone devices to smart sound systems, smart homes, cars, and even without server programs, also create new vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious people.

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