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Ebru Gündeş replied with negative feedback


The famous singer Ebru Gündesh and his fans shared their 15th album.

The most important thing, not Gündeş album "Go" was his song.

Ebr Gündance, who suffers from his wife Rez Zarrab, responded to a negative criticism of him. Here's Günde's song about social media event:


What you are tired of, tired of knowing everything, knowing who you are when you came to trouble, you found me. I always do what I do. I have a soul and you gave it to him. I have answers to my sins, I am stuck when you drop your hand, go to God, go to my side so that you are not there, you forgot love, the fact is not love is actually the greatest miracle, Let it be for God Let me not my places. In fact, it is our greatest miracle

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