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Early Bird is the 21st episode of the trailer! The crisis is kept alive


Early Bird is in Section 20; Sanem surprisingly found an advertising campaign campaign in the field of sports, co-ordinated the campaign for Deren, but Derens became worried and worried about his position on the Sanem side. Early Bird in the last section; Emre was dissatisfied with the fact that his brother turned back to a secret case. When he was in a terrible road accident, he was taken out of his dead lance. After Emre had an unfortunate accident, as soon as he could hear the news, the two brothers reached the hospital, and the two brothers overcame anxiety between them and bind all to the dessert. On the other hand, Can and Emre's brother in-law, Aylin, who was responsible for the deterioration of relations, faced Kan's harsh response and striking remarks when he thought about Emre's health. Aylin, who is known for her reluctance and revenge of the incident, is able to play all of the campaign information and get into his body as he is aware of the events in the advertising campaign that he launched at a sports company by placing a hidden camera system in his business space and yielding tremendous financial returns. the company. he has acted On the other hand, Fabri, who set up a secret partnership with Aylin, signed the Sanem contract and began to smell it and began to manufacture it as soon as possible. Here is Sanem and Can's Early Bird Episode 21.


Player cast; The first episode of Early Bird Bird was the following: Sanem Aydın (Demet Özdemir), Can Divat (Can Yaman), Leyla Aydın (Öznur Serçeler) and Emre Divit (Birand Tunca).


Directed by Faruk Turgut, the director is sitting on the Chulaul Twilight and script written by Ayse Kutlu Üner & # 39; Early Bird Bird 21. Episodei on Saturday, November 24 at 10:00. 20:00, will be published on Star TV screens.

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Early Bird in the last section; Sanem finds some ideas and slogans at camp at Compass Sport at night. Saem likes these ideas, joins the campaign leader and starts working together. In the meantime, Emre is taken to a hospital where the camp returns to an accident. Do you know that he is going to the hospital, Sanem does not leave him alone. This accident starts to melt the ice between Emre and Can. In the meantime, put the camera in the Aylin hidden camera, all information about the campaign is played and running. Will Aylin be able to win this move?

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