Saturday , July 24 2021

Cogeneration representative Öztrak: We will not steal what we won

Iyor Büyükçekmece police are boiling, and some homes have reported that they have gone 3 times. There is pressure. They were unable to impose SBP, and now they return and push the voter. No one has the right to put the Turkish police in politics. The lists were interrupted before the elections, the necessary reservations were made and, after the appeal process, the lists were finalized and the work completed. The Minister of Justice, who sent these police officers there, should also resign. There are inspectors, there are prosecutors, what friends are going on.


My organization has made the necessary reservations about why the UK party organization has not made the necessary objections? 754 voter records that we objected to, including 354 voter records, have been deleted. Last night, the speakers said: "Büyükçekmece is a great disobedience, the police are in the morning today. On June 24, there are 172 thousand 351 people in the presidential election, 174 thousand 773 voters on 31 March 2014 in municipal elections. In these elections, the number of voters increased by 2,000 to 422 people, of whom 760 were new voters. Where are tens of thousands? Is that what's wrapped?


AKP officials who have lost their elections have a big shock and are trying to create problems from around the world. AKP won 24 out of 35 districts in Istanbul. Ekrem İmamoğlu also believes that the votes of these election leaders are the same. We do not choose anyone.

TURKEY fragile

Turkey's fragile economic program is very serious. Turkey should get rid of this burden a moment before. Mayor elected. Ekrem İmamoğlu, mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, should now be given a mandate. Give the people darkness.

Who runs to Turkey. Since June 24, why have they been unable to identify these complete illegals. Those who claim it all have recognized their incompetence.


Metropolitan Mayor mazbatasını got what I don't know. They terrorize the people. The law is clear about the rules of open democracy. Voting wins the election. They are Artvin. there are places where they get with a few votes. Currently, Ekrem İmamoğlu has been chosen to play 48.8% of Istanbul voters. It is incompatible with the fact that you cannot represent Istanbul with the mayor who has won half of Istanbul.

Our YSK spokesman told me that AKP yesterday withdrew its request

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