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"Calcification is the main cause of joint pain"


The cause of solid pains, known as calcification among populations, can affect many larger joints, especially paths. Near-East University Hospital, Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology. Asoc. Dr. Deniz Aydin said that calcification is a disease caused by the breakdown of the joint cartilage, hardening of the bones under the cartilage, the formation of cysts, the development of new bone around the joints and the development of edema in the soft tissues around the joint. Complaints about lime in the explanatory notes for help. Asoc. Dr. Deniz Aydin stated that the main complaints that can be caused by various clinical problems can be limitation of the movement of the joints, increased pain during movement, joint deformation and repeated swelling.

Cellulose on the shoulder

He continued to speak with his shoulders. Asoc. Dr. Deniz Aydın ve Rheumatism in inflammatory joints, which can hold many joints in the body, causes inflammation of the synovial membranes that affects the joints in the arms, legs, arms and legs, as well as damage to the joint cartilage. This is due to the progression of cartilage damage after fractures and dislocations. Excessive tear in muscles may also cause joint damage. The fact that the joints are pushed centrally can cause long-term wear on the joint surface and cause calcification. In addition, due to problems with blood donors, new cases of calcification may occur when bone cells are destroyed. Such calcite can be caused by the use of steroids, alcohol use, sickle cell anemia and traumatic injury.

"Avoid activities requiring overcrowding"

He pointed out that protection methods are applied to the first planet of shoulder arthritis. Protective methods include relaxation, change of activity, cold use, hot steam, pain relief medication, intra-articular needle use and physical therapy.
As a result of a change of action, the hand can not be used in painful directions. Asoc. Dr. Deniz Aydın stated that the raising of hands was reduced by placing the most commonly used items in low places and saying, "It is important to avoid work that requires surface movement. Pain relieving anesthetics are effective in reducing edema around the joint and relieving the pain. Cold use is It can also be used to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Cold application can be used 4-5 times a day by using cold jelly packages in the painful joint for 10-15 minutes.

"Wrong treatment can increase pain"

Intra-articular injections can reduce pain in a very short time. Asoc. Dr. Deniz Aydin, the effect of this application is temporary, repeated needles are not recommended, he said on the subject; Obalilir Needles can cause joint cartilage fatigue more quickly. Physical therapy can help reduce arthritis pain, maintain and improve range of motion. It is important to organize appropriate treatment. Improper treatment can lead to increased pain in the patient. Despite all non-surgical treatment efforts, surgical treatment continues the pain that limits the quality of life. Arthroscopic joint debridement or prosthetics may be required in patients who do not use prophylaxis. Koruyucu

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