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Berkay's apology is worse than guilt – magazine news

Sarıyer Emirgan's entertainment venue for football players Arda Turan and singer Berkay for the fight between the first trial court yesterday. The monthly income of a thousand pounds in Berkay's statement from a social media account said: We need to know that our monthly revenue agencies know. I've heard the feeling of discomfort and rhetoric just because people say they are proud of what they have. The defendant at the defendant's location, "300 thousand euros a month, earning a thousand pounds," he said I would earn thousands of pounds. For this purpose it was used.

After this announcement, Berkay Sahin's lawyer did not have water this morning when she joined the second program page, which was connected to the phone.

Ayşegül Marble, "Cindy just has a monthly income of over $ 200,000 from copyright. My client with $ 1,000 in court say shame on whether the minimum wage for low-income individuals is also trying to live in Turkey, he said." description.

A statement by Berkay's lawyer to calm the announcement caused a reaction.

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