Saturday , January 29 2022

Bad news for fans


The fate of prosecutor Dery and Karabatak was the subject of curiosity in the series that appeared two weeks ago. He shot Yavuz Derya. And when will Söz 66's new part? A special clip featuring amazing images from the series was released.

The new part of the new year is expected to open on Monday (January 21) after two weeks, thanks to the new year.

Star TV will be screened on Saturday, January 7th 20.00 on the hill 2.

We agreed

What happened in the last chapter?
Sami, who wants to prevent Yavuz from getting out of his way, hasn't moved to harm Yavuz Yava, but to his closest relatives. Despite the efforts to grow Yavuz in an assault workshop, they can get Kopuk.

Tim is based on a foreign base gateway to pick up Karabatak. They tell the church soldiers that they will not hesitate to give their life to take cormorant: not die.

Timagan and his companion are disturbed by Tim's determination. They need to develop a plan to get rid of them as soon as possible. Dragan will make this plan for the death of cormorant nose. But the cormorant swore an oath. He has no intention of dying without killing Shero.

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