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Azerbaijani women in mental health who killed their lover to have their children drown

This incident took place on December 1, 2017, at the entrance to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the central part of Campus Sulejuk. Azeri Aysel Eshme, who works in a bar, twice divorced from his wife, an industrial artisan from M.E. (39) 2 years before the event; but the couple continued to live together.
According to the DHA, they were born with couples who called it Emir. Eshme left about 2 months before the event and began to live with Ümit Göker. A young woman, a 9-month-old Emir, who lives with her lover Gokker, went to the bar where he worked. Göker also claimed that the night fell from the sofa Emile, the Selchuk University Faculty of Medicine took him away. The Tiny team was treated in an intensive care unit because it was a life-threatening condition. The doctors, the child's suspect medical condition, the hospital police in a statement on Umith Goker, were detained. Goker was sent to court after his questioning at the police station.


Aysel Eshme, ex-wife M.E. On the day of the event, he went to the police station and received information about the situation of Ümike Gökker. Then two left to go to the hospital to see her son. Meanwhile, Goker called Eshme on the phone. After the interview, Ümit Göker was waiting for the author. Speak with Ashker, who came from the car to speak to Eshme. Especially, as the child came to this situation, Göker also said that the child had breath. After that, Esma was brought with a knife about 50 meters. Umut Göker, who was taken to the Selchuk University Faculty of Medicine with emergency medical assistance, died due to all the interference.


Aysel Eshme, who was detained by the police, was screened for health. Eshme, journalists, "Why did you kill?" "I was arrested by Aisella I am when he was transferred to the court building, and the little Emir died soon after the incident," he said. "My child drowned a blanket." Doctors said he did not breathe, the oxygen did not get into his brain. .


Case Against Defendant Defendant Aysel Eshme, Konya 1. The Supreme Criminal Court, as a result of the intensification of the "murder and murder", accused of arrest, which intensified. Aysel Eshme, the judicial system in the judicial process in the judicial system has not been established, previously received a psychological attitude and problems are still ongoing, he suggested. The court then requested the court to send Eshme to the Presidium of the Institute of Forensic Medicine.

Aysel Eshme continued her study with increased life expectancy. Eshme participated in a study by the Audio and Video Information System (SEGBİS) from Tarsus Women's Closed Institution. The court at the hearing said that the examination of the Institute of Forensic Medicine was completed on October 22.

In the report, "the criminal liability of individuals and freedom of conscience and freedom of movement in order to prevent or reduce any form of mental illness and mental retardation are not determined in the case of an accused criminal investigation, and as a result of the offense, there is no medical evidence and a document indicating that it is associated with a mental disorder that prevents the ability to guide the direction and, according to this situation, it was decided unanimously that Aisel Eshme was fully criminally liable during the incident.

Aysel Eshme's mental health and legal capacity are being decided, the trial was postponed.


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