Friday , March 5 2021

At the last moment: the famous Youtuber and his girlfriend die in the fire … What is Emre Özkan?

Bağcılar Istanbul Street Studio at 06:00 in the morning the fire broke out. The firefighters interrupted the fire, which was assessed as electrical contact. Firefighter fire.

The firefighters found a body of 2 people. The gums were sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute for examination and body identities were determined. Emre Özkan and his girlfriend Nahide Cansu Kovancı opened the dead in a fire.

At the last moment ... Famous Youtuber Emre Ozkan and his girlfriend die in the fire

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The police have launched an incident investigation.

Emre Özkan, who often came up with his humorous parodies of films, studied at the Radvo Television and Film Department at the University of the Areas of Istanbul. Özkan, who worked as a pianist in the group, was to complete her school and become a director.

At the last moment ... Famous Youtuber Emre Ozkan and his girlfriend die in the fire


Emre Özkan, born in Samsun Havza, in 1993, lives in the Bağcılar district of Istanbul. He graduated from the University of Arreale, the Department of Radio, Television and Film. It's famous for its parody videos, which YouTube has been watching tens of millions of times and has more than 300,000 subscribers.

During the July 15 attacks and you Bağcılar, he saw you compose to come to the square on the Emre ozkan song singing to Turkey "this song was written by my dad. It came just from within, is to run a pen with pure emotion and come to me," I want to compose new, "he said. Therefore, we ourselves can say that I'm doing my part." he said.

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