Monday , September 20 2021

At the last minute … President's Chief Advisor was appointed as President's Representative İbrahim Kalın

The Presidency, the Presidencies of Religious Affairs and the National Defense Ministry were included in the Official Gazette. According to President-in-Office Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the presidency's presidency under the Presidency of the Presidency, asoc. Dr. Ibrahim Kalın and İsrafil Kışla were appointed.

According to AA; President of the Republic of Turkey. Dr. The name of the "ambassador" was given to Kalach.

Alaaddin Gürpinaru, the Provincial Mufti of the Provincial Council for Religious Affairs, rejected the decision on the Religious Affairs Presidency.

Appointment of the National Defense Ministry, open inspectors, Armağan Sütlüoğlu, Jakup Arslan, Selçuk Sönmez, Kadir Shahin, Emrah Arslan and Ömer Faruk Toklu were appointed.


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