Sunday , June 4 2023

At the last minute … dollars are 5.35 TL


DOLARS dry yesterday, US Secretary of State Pompeo, while accelerating the decline, Turkey's explanation would be exempted from sanctions, Iran continues to fall for a new day.

The Dollar 5,3045 TL is the lowest Asian market closed hours, but seeing the Turkish market, rising by a high of 5.3792 in the day. Starting at 15.58, the dollar moved to 5.3509 TL. At the same time, the euro is at 6.1133.

Turkey and the United States, "symbolic" unlike sanctions after the abolition of the so-called ministers Turkey's prospects in the United States can be exempted from sanctions against Iran was one of the main reasons for optimism in the markets.

He said that the technical aspects of the $ 5.25 TL and TL 5.10 support at the level of analysts who support the position, the potential increase of 5.50 TL will be monitored as resistance.

The combined interest rate for the standard deviation of 10 years is 16.59 percent, and the composite interest rate of 2 year standard deviation is 21.12 percent.
The dollar index, which represents the dollar's value against the 6 most traded local currencies in the world, was recognized as 96.07 with a 0.01% cut. Euro / dollar parity at 1.1417 level …

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