Thursday , February 25 2021

An explanation from the head of the Osmaniye hospital

In Osmania, the head of the hospital, who was injured in an armed attack and who was taken to a hospital, explained the condition of the hospital's chief physician.
In the evening of the armed attack, Mayor Alan Hasanbeyli, Alparslan Koca, was injured and two people were taken to a private hospital. Hospital manager Recep Aydin provided information on the injured.
Aidine, gel 21.35 came 3 injured in our hospital. What was the mayor of Alparslan Koca, hurt on his right foot. Our new friend, Murat Karakay, came with wounds in our patient's legs. A person named Burak Basaran was shot in his right lung. We are now the successor to the Osmaniye State Hospital. The other two people had surgery, the general conditions are good for Diğer
It was learned that Burak Başaran was the director of zoning of the Hasanbeyli district municipality, and his situation was severe.

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