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Amazing words from Abdullah Avci: I wouldn't offer Visca! – Istanbul Başakşehir FK News


More professionals named Abdullah Avci, Medipol Basaksehir"I know six points aren't a little difference, but it's not always a big difference. It's always good if your pocket has a loan, it gives you time and distance. We value it right." He said.

"Have you completed the first half of the last two seasons? Can this season be different at the end of the season?" on the question: "We couldn't conclude at the end of the year, hopefully our results will be different from other indicators of this year. Others have remained in the race for 33-34 weeks. We had the goal of the championship last year and this year too. This year will be different, the game will be better, better close and finish, we can be champions, I hope it will be, I believe it very much and our group of players makes me feel like the championship.

Abdullah Avci, Super LeagueMany technical men themselves, as a favorite of the game championship, were the result of the game's power.

"It's a year when we enrich our personal history for the club, technical staff and players." "For example, Arsenal and Manchester City Championships live in a clinic, want to live here, Arda is a championship everywhere and wants to live here. There are many such players." he said.

"The whole cup enriches me. Is the Cup of the Turkish League?"

An experienced technical person, "personal history of enrichment year." Will you be enriching the trophy? There is criticism that you can't win a cup with some beer, "he said,

"Criticism is if the Turkish football system, the organization as a player grows today … the cup is all that enriches. Is the Cup of the Turkish League? But maybe we would get him. But behind us till now we have left things packed and Cups are you taking, given, defeated, lost, but how do you leave a mark to the public? Can you give happy messages to the educators, the academics and the public? I think it is valuable. I will respect this dignity very healthy, successful and correct I already look it as a technical guy who shows it, and hope that the trophy will complement the trophy, but that is always the case.

Abdullah Avci "Medipol Başakşehir in championship can change something in Turkish football?" "The club is a very accurate model. We are ahead of the road we are now 4.5 years ago. This result is a targeted game. What's changing? Right examples can always be accepted, even on a difficult level. Increasing competition in league matches is extremely important to get quality in the past 4 years when we look at the history of our first four, the trophy finals, the Champions League, the European league, some processes in our country are very painful and painful.

"I'm afraid to offer (Edinca)"

Hunter explaining that for the team's most productive surprise visit the Viscaya Intermediate Transfer Period, Turkey offered a transfer from or arrives in Europe, said:

"I had an offer before this year. If I were an instructor or manager of another team, I'm afraid to offer Edin. The team has a leader now, there is a 6-point difference, one of the team captains, a player trained as an infrastructure player 8 years ago 6 months ago we got local and foreign club offers, I said it before, first or no one has any meaning before the club's interests, then the interests of the player, we talk about it on the table and talk.

"We didn't get an official offer for Adebayor"

Hunter, Emmanuel Adebayor in the first quarter, when he didn't give the first half, "could not spend the season with us, we started the league without a game. We had increased time in the league, but up and down. We have won 6 wins in 7 games, but Adebayor never did has not abandoned – he is still working vigorously, it is nice that you have a lot of alternatives.

An experienced technical person, "Adebayor's referral offer comes?" "never had such a thing. Adebayor got no formal offer. If we take it clearly and clearly. Adebayor & # 39; s communication with us happens very well. 1.5 years ago when he told me "I thank my day when I leave and he is also one of the most important values ​​the world knows for us. description.

Abdullah Avci, "Adebayor" If you leave here, I thank you. "Well, in your mind is the thought of further separation?" If the situation is with Edin Ediy or Ediy Hunter, we will first put it on the table according to the club's interests, and in his opinion, we will appreciate the team from 2006 onwards. There is a step-by-step project that makes me very happy and excited. The plan is moving projects looking for new goals. i didn't get offered now if earlier, i got a lot of suggestions. it always shows. everything in turkey can change very fast. We have been blocked for the next 4 months. "replied.

Experienced technician, new transfers Robinho is one of the most important football players in the world, said: "Here is an important show. Imagine you put a plan, Robinho this dream. I wanted Robinho to be the only player. A player who is suitable for their organization and good energy, hopefully the same thing will happen at the start of the race, and Robinho is an alternative with more participation and a game in which the system can change from time to time.

Abdullah Avci, in the first half due to injuries, punishments or illnesses, cannot benefit too much from Elia, Arda Turan, Emre Belözoğlu and Adebayor and also participated in the system with a better job.

"No disrespect to this job"

Medipol Basaksehir's incomes related to the controversy that was made at the added hunter, said:

"Public organizations can be very receptive. Radio broadcasting clubs have earned revenue. Feet and execution coins … This club sold the most expensive Turkish football player in a short period of 4.5 years. He sold Anderlecht to Germany's 2nd league. He sells Costa for zero and sell outside, he has serious earnings, and has revenue from advertising and sponsorship so that football fans can put all clubs in front of what happens, what are the sources of income and debt? Our country is now behind the club, they are very clear, I'm not a club representative in this respect, and this team is very important for the workforce, the return of this job to different places as an understanding of each club, even if it takes into account statistics show that the league with the biggest ball, the maximum distance traveled, the maximum penalty area goals, the smallest goals, and most of the goalkeepers who use the goalkeeper's foot respect for work. "

"We have to invest in our own people"

Championship Championships emphasized that experienced football players are important, Abdullah Avci, rebuilding the team, saying they will step by step, "Irfan, Attamah, Kerim will play for a long time, and there will be players in the future. We are trying to invest in the coming years." .

When evaluating the increase in the number of new players in the club, Hunter said:

"Conjuncture requires him at this point and it is necessary. In fact, we need to turn it into an opportunity. I have to invest in our own nation as a technical guy working in infrastructures. We have to make a local foreign competition. the beginning of life. " But if you invest in your nation, education, information, you will get the chance to appreciate this situation as an opportunity, as well as the right education, the right organization, school education and all the common projects and patience. It happens. "


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