Friday , June 9 2023

Ahmet Kural expects drive down?


Ahmet Hakan Hurriyet writer, the alleged violence against her girlfriend, singer Sıla Gençoğlu opened the investigation against a player named Ahmet Kural.

Hakan, – So I say … Dive more in the name of the clearing and cut the sphere. used terms.

Hakan's kind "Drop goygoyu Ahmet Kural" The related part of the article is as follows:

"You made such a disgusting statement …"

He says:

"Sila said something terrible that I could not say I had to hit it."

What's going on here, Ahmet Kural.

Want a drive discount or something?

Do you know that Ahmet Kural:

Even if Sila has told you the dreaded word of the earth
There is no reason for your violence.

Violence against women is not justified by Ahmet Kural!

You go, go, let it go, you hang on your face …

But you can not raise your hand.

So I say Yani

Do not dive in self-confidence.

And cut goygoy!

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