Saturday , January 29 2022

After many years, Yasemin Yalçın and İlyas İlbey will return to the scene


Yasemin Yalçın and her husband İlyas İlbey after 12 years are preparing for the stage again.

The marriage of Yasemin Yalçın and İlyas İlbey continues happily. Duo played the characters Kakmis and Ittilmiş İnce İnce Yasemince, which were broadcast on television screens many years ago. After 12 years Çif is ready to return to the audience with Vee Perde. Vee Perde will meet the spectator at stage 74, which was recently restored Bakırköy. The game is led by Hidayet Erdinc. Decoration is made by Barış Dinçel. The two-screen comedy is based on Neil Simon's The Sunshine Boys & # 39; story.

"My FAN"

Speaking of the game and praising his wife Yasemin Yalçın İlyas İlbey, Oyun I admire your action. Sometimes I stand on the stage, watching him, I forget my game, "he said.


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