Tuesday , October 4 2022

A middle school student was killed in the middle of a street gun


Mert Can Karagoz, a 15-year-old high school student in the Bahçelievler District of Istanbul, was attacked by unknown weapons or persons with a firearm. Lost in the back and neck, the student died in a hospital. 15 years old M.K. He was arrested.

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The event was held at noon. 16.00 Siyavuspasa in the vicinity of Mine Street. According to a statement, a man or people who followed him while walking along the street were attacked by a high school pupil Merta Kaner. 3 stoppers on Mert Can Karagöz's back and neck with a gun with a gun. While the attackers escaped, the child fell into the ground in the blood. The health and police teams were put on the stage after a statement about the surrounding. The unlucky kid was taken to a private hospital with an emergency room. Mert Can Karagöz could not be saved despite all the hospital's actions.


Aydın Akdağ, who said he was on the street, hearing the shots, told the incident as follows:

"I was in a hurry when I heard a shot. The child was lying on the floor, I first intervened, then I came for medical assistance, and the child who shot him laid his weapon on his shoulder and fled, the shooter was after his age.

The police closed the street by pulling the bar. Police investigating adjacent evidence began to work to portray the attackers.


15 years old M.K. He was arrested and arrested. He was killed by Mert Can Karagöz. He acknowledged the crime, two days earlier, with the Mert Can Karagöz school claiming that he fought, Mert Can Karagöz khānats needed this fight, today the gunpowder learned that the firearms.


The moment of attack was reflected in security cameras within seconds. Out of the movies, 4 people walked past and one person was shot with a gun. One of 4 people, Mert Can Karagöz, was shot and landed. While other people have fled, the attacker moves away from the site with a few more weapons.

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