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6 nutrient recommendations for the flu virus



Water consumption / fluid intake becomes more important at this time, when the body's water loss increases with increased fire resistance and sweat. 2-2.5 liters of water consumption should be taken into account and even 1-2 glasses of water should be used at the water.

You can use winter tea with lime, quince, clove and cinnamon mixture, or you can use the power of Echinacea. Recent studies have shown that Hibiscus tea is immune. Hibiscus, which is also rich in vitamin C, will be used during this period.

Care should be taken to make tea at about 80 degrees Celsius without boiling tea.


When you say Vitamin C, orange, grapefruit, mandarin or citrus can come to mind. But red pepper in vitamin C is higher than orange and other citrus!

Vitamin C, one of the vitamins that best supports the immune system, should not be missed during this time. Salads should also be consumed as raw materials and salads in their season.


During this period, the body has additional resistance to foreign bacteria and becomes tired than usual. Therefore, probiotics that are intact in the intestines of bacteria should be found and kefir, which has a high probiotic content, in the milk group every day.

Cefir is one of the nutrients that should be used during this period because of protein and calcium content, and also to prevent inflammation.

If we can't consume kefir, we need to add the yoghurt option to our daily diet without going through!


Ginger containing a lot of flavonoids; It is ahead with anti-inflammatory properties.

Curcumin content helps to support immunity and reduces inflammation in the throat, nose, sinus or mucous tissue. In this way, it has both protective and therapeutic properties.

If you say how to use it, here are some suggestions;

Drinking herbal teas, you can eat fresh ginger like walnut. During the preparation of your soups you can give ginger freshness, or during the presentation you can choose the powder form as a spice. It can also consume the powder form as a great pair by adding kefir or yogurt.


When the garlic is crushed, the crushed inside alin elements become alicin when chewed, and these exposed elements protect and strengthen our body by acting in the immune system.

It has been found that the use of garlic consumes less antibiotics and virus. During this time we can use garlic in our salad dressings, soups and enhance our immunity.


Chicken broth contains an amino acid called cysteine, which is more mucous. Hot chicken broth soup allows you to move small hairs called siliya, which occupy the internal surface of the airways and protects against viruses. It is also a nutritious and liquid supplement to the body.

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