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2019 Detroit Auto Show finally started. Future cars are also being introduced Detroit Auto Show at a time Nissan 115 kWhThe battery works with IMS Concept Was introduced. Here's Tesla's new rival Nissan IMSSpecial Features!

485 horsepower Nissan IMS rivals Tesla!

Many car enthusiasts are following closely Detroit Auto Show continues unchanged. Today's event marked an event with a new generation of automotive electric car. Nissan, IMS model concept demonstrated.

According to official information on a new generation car that attracts the attention of drivers with striking features, this electric car 115 kWhWith the battery 610 km way

With rear and front axle electric motors Nissan IMS, 485 horsepower work with. Except it 800 nmThe new generation car, which can produce k, also has advanced technology.

Tesla Model SThe new generation of luxury cars, which will be released as a direct competitor, is also noteworthy with the advanced autonomous driving option.

Nissan IMS

It should also be noted that the new generation of cars that make a difference in design is an unusual design. In general futuristic lines luxury sports car with aggressive look DetroitWe can easily say that he has managed to leave his mark on “e.

Hold a virtual reality in a new generation car that will make a difference with many important technologies Nissan IMS The most important feature 3D will create hologram passengers as shown in the picture.

This technology will soon become a reality Nissan electric car industry TeslaThe goal is to leave behind.

Nissan IMS

In addition, they are also very confident about autonomous driving. Nissan officialsThe aim is to provide an unusual, autonomous driving experience. Nissan officialsWith the company's statement, it also points to the fact that when the vehicle in question is placed in an autonomous driving mode, the steering wheel will be completely removed and a completely autonomous vehicle is taken.

Thus a completely autonomous vehicle New Generation Consp. it will give drivers a new experience.

So what do you think about this car? Do you think, Nissan IMS, Tesla & # 39;Is it a competitor? You can post your thoughts in the comments section below. We welcome your comments on Yorum

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