Monday , September 20 2021

Young Bowler visits arrested arrested police – today publishes a social network

Young group leaned to meet with Muang Samutprakan police. Statement of Pirate Music Court The film was arrested during singing. The Grammy winning singer has the right to sing this song.

May 9 in Samutprachar Police Station, Mr Nopasan Sangsuwan, 37 years old or new singing cup. Located at 530/332 / Moo 1, in the new district of Praix, Muang Samutprakarn. A trip to visit the police officer in the city of Samutprakan to prove innocence not to bother after Mr. Chanin Warakul Nugorn. Musicbug Co., Ltd. the Managing Director began complaining about complaints from investigators throughout the country, as the band created a live show. By the way, police investigators investigated the arrest of Mr Khok Khama in violation of other copyright violations. With public broadcasts Unauthorized music, karaoke or recording

The group said that they had arrived today. Muang Samutprakarn, as they accompany music to watch live music at the 4 x4 OFFROAD pub, located on Srinakarin Road. Mueang Samut Prakan in January month for yourself. I do not think so much that happened. If you want to end it, it will last a long time. I have to contact. But still can not agree. With what he calls criminality and the civilian population, more than 60 million people work to sing, rather than create a company with so much money. If we give each other heart that wants to end the story and make a valid claim. I'm ready to pay. In the part where they sang the song on their request, finding out that they and other Grammy artists have the right to sing the song as the band moved to Grammy to the Grammy camp. I have copyrights. Save With Music Error Both camps have controversy. And the contract expired on October 31st, 60, before it was announced. I admit that it can be my mistake to play concerts all the time. I do not know how music mistake. Grammy artists banned playing music. There was no news in the concert that the news was released. The news is not true. The police just came in and called me to testify in the police station. It does not affect the work in any way.

"I had to come out because there were some streams from the reason the order was issued. It should be clarified that from the first day of notification, Pattaya City, Chonburi, said that I was called late in January, I had a personal leader who, from the beginning of the conversation, discussed the other half of the conversation, but he did not come after meeting to discuss mediation Muang Samut Prakan And try to talk on the phone to find out how much royalties should be paid for. What was discussed, but not in the middle. If I look at my work queue. "I'm about to run away," the group said.

However, they arrived in Samut Prakan. Today is a show of truth. And in the first area they report. Request a researcher to ask the parties to be mediators. They were then informed about the copyright infringement procedure. Peace, I came back here again. Even the investigators will not be invited. Let the parties know. It is not intended to get out for itself.

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