Thursday , March 4 2021

What is crazy about Drone #ICONSIAM is to see who does it!

All those who are awake.DornShow at #IconSiam See you! Detection of cards Droon controls over the sky over Chao Phraya. … What is behind it to see it?!?!? Dan 1,500 Flying debut ICONSIAM 3 days ago how did he control? How many people use it? Where to hide? How is it going This is my first report.

Great preview for recovery Icon Siam (ICONSIAM) Chao Phraya Shopping Center. Arts & Cultural Center A great shopping and entertainment destination in Thailand Intel Corporation Microelectronics Companies that manufacture chip processors Processor router All run controllers ICONSIAM Dana's use 1500

Detection of the long past. It was glorified Sondhi CCG Platform and Distribution Director, Asia Pacific and Japan Intel Corporation And Mr.Ron Situ Biz Development Manager Intel Corporation Like Tell a story after this moment!

Mr.Ron Situ "That's exactly what Intel has created. It has been checked since 2016. We have tried many different Drones. Go through the drones. It was a great success. And we decided to make it commercial. "

DornThere are 1,400 exhibits divided into two parts.Take control of the entire image and take care of the show.OnlyOnly 2 people together Take care of the first 800, then the remaining 600. We have a team prepared here last week.To prepare the flight zone and values ​​in full position and start the setting.But installation It is just part of the exhibition. Before installing it. It must be ready and talk to the client.The conversation was completed in April.

We exhibited in 17 countries.ThailandIs there 18th country and it is the lastThe largest exhibition in Southeast Asia.

The Sondhi To say "SourceDan showThis timeSiam Piwat Or ICONSIAM Want to contact me? I have to go back to it. ICONSIAM I am trying to create a Thai perspective. I want to tell you about the current Thai history, how we are developing. And look at the future And technology is a good telling indicator. The show is also associated with the stage.The story of Forever Conversation about Thailand's past. So far, there is the Chao Phraya River. And forward in the future. Taizé has a long time. From the very beginning angels were heard. Passed to the second stage with a link to the scene. The song is set to. ICONSIAM Especially with the link to the show with Droon. This shows that Thailand has not disappeared in any country in the world. End with the logo. ICONSIAM It will be shown that all the stories are well connected.

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