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TVD demonstrates outstanding Qt3 revenues from Bt34mn

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November 14, 2061


TVD demonstrates outstanding Q3 performance. Accelerating sales growth for all channels, with a 61% increase of 17%

Live tv TVD shows strong performance. The parent's net profit in the 3rd quarter of 2006 was 34 million bytes. Recovery from the same period last year with losses. After investment, the production of home-made goods on digital television channels. 19 can be a breakthrough. Online sales channels and stores increase sales, are satisfactory. To increase continuous growth in the last quarter. A consumer home shopping model is being developed. Equally social media Media and e-commerce sites Promote comprehensive advertising activities.

Mr Songpol Chayamakij TV Direct Public Company Limited Chief Executive Officer or CEO TVD The business leader selling products and services through Omni Channel announced that in the third quarter of this year (July-September 2018), impressive 3Q06 revenues Bt1.071.32m. Increased by 34.60% compared to the same period last year with a total revenue of 795.94 million The parent company's net profit is 34 million bytes. Increased from the same period last year with operating losses. We also review our earnings forecasts for the previous quarter.

A key factor is the new media plan. And more TV channels. New TV channel layout And the contribution to the digital television channel 19 (Spring News Channel) to create a home shopping program that is broadcast on the channel is a satisfactory answer. It can lead to sales to quickly disappear. In September – Board of Directors It solved the company. The main shareholder of Spring News Television Co. Ltd., licensed by NBTC for the operation of digital television stations. Channel 19 Other channels Includes TV Direct Showcase and online channels. This is an increase in sales volume is satisfactory. MagicPart, which provides data center services, cloud services and Internet solutions, as well as its subsidiaries, such as Las Vegas, which operates in the shipping industry, also profit from the company. Mother

This year's nine months (January-September, 2018). Grow in the same direction. Total revenue was 2,899 million baht. Higher than 18.52% over the same period last year with a total revenue of 2446 million baht Net profit was 41.08 million baht. Increased by 160.17% from the same period last year with a net loss of 68.28 million baht. Following this year's strategy is focused on selling products using Omni. Channel, combining sales channel channels, store articles, TV ads and online marketing. In addition, it has adapted its advertising strategy through digital TV channels. Further.

As a result of the action of the Management Board (Board), the Company has undertaken to approve the payment of temporary dividends. From the operating period from January 1 to September 30, 2018 at a rate of 0.05 Baht per share, the XD mark is in the 27th place. And dividends must be paid to shareholders on December 12, 2018.

Executive director TVD This year, the company has set a total revenue target of 3.990 million. Bass Increases by 17%, continuing to grow in the last quarter. It will develop a home shopping program that will be broadcast on digital television channel 19 and other channels. Provide a list of formats and interesting content. This can stimulate purchasing decisions from the audience. The online sales channel has partnered with social media such as Facebook, Line, Google, etc., as well as leading e-commerce sites in Thailand. Shopee, Lazada, JD, etc. Promote promotional activities and contact social media subscribers. More and more e-commerce websites. In addition, we expand our TV Direct Showcase shopping center and create an unbroken potential in a separate location.

"In the second half of this year, we expect better results in the first half of this year. After the company, the company has expanded its investments and adjusted its sales promotion strategy in line with current consumer behavior. Moreover, the end of the year is still the sales season, often with the purchase of consumer goods. As a gift for the New Year, it will be a good factor for selling the company, "said Songpol.

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