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The famous market owner Moved the ancient Takhian wood to Rama 5 on the Sawang Arom Temple.

Market Owner Offering Takianthong Trees, Ror 5, to Sawang Arom Temple To Congregate Honor Blessings While Nakhon Pathom People Got Ahead Believe that the new Takhiah tree will give the most fortune …

Yesterday, Phra Khru Thitmanamanut or Ajarn Pae brought 5 monks who traveled to make a ceremony to move the Takianthong tree in a 3-storey building, Yodpiman Market, Pak Khlong Talad, Bangkok to conduct the old Takhya worship ceremony. Together with the 50-tonne crane that transports Takhian, which is 16 meters in length, 1 meter in diameter, weighs 10 tons, and it requires great caution, as the Takachi tree is still cracked and still on the market roof. That's why we had to use a crane to hook up the hives with 3 points to pick up because they were afraid that the Takachi tree would be damaged in the old Many traders selling products on the market must pay attention to it.

While Chaloem Prirakan, 54, is Yodpiman Market President, Pak Khlong Talat, with Market Leaders and Sellers Join the ceremony to move Takhian Ajarn Pae took the sacrifice ceremony It took 3 hours for the big trailer to reach the temple without fractures

Mr. Chaliew discovered that the original owner of Piman Market has called him a royal family. HRH Suthasiri Sopha His Majesty was the royal king of King Rama V's reign, but before what was not traded, this area would be an old channel and port. There will be lots of product ships here. Whether it's a logging boat or a rice boat, stop here. But when the time passed, this place began to flourish. That is why the market was created to this day

About Unrecognizable Takhu Wood Recently excavated in 2013, when the market has expanded and will be able to create an automatic garage. The tool seems to be used for drilling piles in the ground. That's why it was digging to see what was under the ground under the ground. It was found that there was a big tree in the horizontal direction so let the technician dig and lift it on the ground floor

But it seems that when worrying about growing traffic, so consult the roof to get to the 3rd floor so that merchants can pay tribute to it easily. The Department of Fine Arts will examine Check Plywood It has been found that the age is not less than 100 years but because the market requires additional market Therefore, consult with suppliers Who believes it should be assigned to the temple By giving Pae Pae Sawang Arom Temple Because it is not far away and therefore wants

In addition, the Takhian tree cultivation has had a strange story. Come to the ground for the first time Merchants who believe that the holy tachy tree is needed to scrape and rub a number of different lottery lottery markets Even more confident was the goddess Takian

However, when the Takhian wagon arrived at the Ajarn Pae Temple, the site was made on the banks of the Red Bua Bua Canal at the ancient Tang Kaeo boat. When the villagers heard the news, they arrived very kindly to pick up a woodpecker tree. Who has given the trumpet and pushed the dance process From the temple to the place of the Takachi tree Then the villagers link three colored cloths. Some people even add loose powder To get ready for the numbers Because you believe that the new Takachi tree will give the luck to almost all White

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