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Thai Medical Association Launched project "Warm Love, Peace, Bipolar Healthy Mind, Happy Life"


Thai Medical Association The project "Bipolar Love for a Healthy Mind, Happy Life" is launched. About 10-15 percent have mental health problems.
But only 1% to see a doctor. Thailand has patients with malaise or medical conditions. "Bipolar" has hundreds of thousands of people, according to a recent report from the Department of Mental Health in Thailand. And the Ministry of Public Health's Medical and Health Information Archives in 2016 revealed that 32,852 patients out of 712,359 psychiatric patients are bipolar patients, many of whom are still unaware of their illness or who dare to see a doctor. If you do not treat it, it can lead to more severe symptoms, as it is not a symptom of the disease, and if it is not controlled, it can be dangerous to the patient himself. People close and socially.

As patients often use violence in their families, they sometimes come from some extraordinary emotions, including suicidal thoughts. Professor Dr. Ronnachai Kongbarns, President of the Royal Thai Society, according to the patronage of his Royal Highness Chorus Maha Vajiralongkorn, said: "As a practitioner, the Thai Association has understood and campaigned to educate society about the causes of suicide." A psychiatric illness is one of the seven diseases that are The Medical Association "Happy Life, Bipolar Healthy Mind, Happy Life" will be launched in order to create positive synergies. The Thai Medical Association "Happy Life, Bipolar Healthy Mind, Happy Life" will be launched to create positive synergies. Patients and families, and to reflect the views and experiences of patients and their families. The aim of this study was to determine the effects of bipolar patients. In addition, patients with mental disorders are likely to be in the community. "The Bophoon Warmong project will focus on the proper Rat on roaming. Knowledge of bipolar disorder in Bangkok and provinces to help people track human behavior close. It is a curable disease and can live in harmony with people in society, promoted by the family and peers, and society is recognized as the most important. "Assistant President of the Taiwan Psychiatrists' Association Dr. Chawanan Charnsilp discusses the causes of bipolar disorder Genetic, environmental or genetic upbringing involves many factors in families where parents with this disease have a higher bipolar risk than others, but this does not mean it. All Include parental responsibilities, If the child causes stress, it can be adapted to be more vulnerable to diseases, the environment is an important cause of brain changes, causing emotional control. weeks – 1 month Look at yourself in the negative sense And think of suicide fun, fun, unusual, long, close, 2 weeks – 1 month Patients will feel very happy Better than usual Bowser with more confidence Lack of writing if it is Prohibited or disturbed by irritation, irritated.

Severe cases may include asthma, asthma or other special abilities. In the opening speech, the actor Khun Muay-Supaporn Sithipasilp said: "Warm Love, Peace, Bipolar Healthy Mind, Happy Life," that "people do not understand us all. I think it's crazy. I do not know how to control it. Usually we can To be angry at level 5, but if people with this disease are angry at level 100. The box tries to control emotions, but this can not be done because the bipolar disorder caused by brain chemicals is not the same. It is a stressful, unsatisfactory, unexpected and potentially life-threatening situation. It is believed that I can not treat it better than it is now, if you have a good life. The new disease is not a fan or a friend. The person who encourages me to be good. Going to the top of the page Life is not like it was. It's very important for fans and others to survive well. I understand the world very well. "

Another direct experience of "DJ Kendo – Kriangkrai Matapong Sunthorn" as a patient with bipolar disorder is to share to spark people or people with this disease when treated properly. I was able to cure normal life offline. During my illness, Mania has symptoms that think that he may think of himself as a magician. It is a symptom of the disease to see that it has magic powers, it gradually rises, because I am very good, I started some magical powers to think about myself, flying by plane on the tower and then jump. Because I think I fly because the brain caused this behavior. On the aggressive side I have come to the guests and colleagues in the forefront with harsh words and atrocities. And when they fall into Depression, they begin to feel like they do not want to do anything. I can not sleep, I want to stay in bed, I do not want to work, cry, work, I can sing.

Injury yourself We are all exposed to the disease. When we know that it can not be cured, it will cause physical and mental harm to both themselves and their families. I want to be a voice to understand that bipolar patients are not crazy, not psychic, but classified as a group of emotional diseases that can be cured with drugs and psychotherapy. I always say to find a psychiatrist, not at all scared, to find a psychiatrist, it is very good when we consulted, we will stop emotional thoughts, we will be more conscious. "Rongcai Kongbarns, President of the Thai Association, said," Creating a social psychiatric awareness is what we all need to help. This disease can be treated if properly monitored and treated. At the same time, it can be repeated up to a percentage. 80-90, with many causatives, such as accidents.

Unforeseen events in life. Stress disorder and substance abuse. Continuous treatment is therefore the most important. Relatives, patients and the general public need to have knowledge and understanding about illness and treatment. Patients should strictly follow the treatment plan while relatives and People close to the patient. Including avoidance agents. Promote good communication in your family. The public has to understand. Give opportunities and reduce prejudices. Psychiatric and bipolar patients are no different from those who can be treated, which will help them to heal and live happily, like an average person. "

Therefore, patients and families must be educated to effectively treat bipolar mood disorders. The nature of the disease, risk factors, treatment methods, relapse prevention. Working with stress, solving life problems and promoting high-quality family communication. The Happy Love, Happy Life project will take place in 3 target areas, including Lamphun
Udon Thani and Songkhla to understand psychiatric disorders and support patients in this area as well as family networks of psychiatric patients in order to ensure life and community well-being. "Happy Love, Happy Life" project on Facebook Fan Page

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