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Swing Swing! Avenged Sevenfold Victory Liverpool SPP Winners.


Swing Swing! Avenged Sevenfold Victory Liverpool Win data-caption =

Serena Zvedas won the finalists after winning the first game. When at home, who ran 2-0 in Liverpool from Milan's excellent Pavekova, two men took the lead in the same goal. Since Red has lost the second game, there are 6 points to win the other two games to find the team of the slaughtered team at the time of the UEFA Champions League C at night. Tuesday

Stadium: Stari Grad

Serena Zveda, C team plum team, 3 races do not win any team. This game opens the door to Liverpool's visit to the crowd team, which has 6 points, with a last minute strike in Anfield, becoming "red", who beat the game 4-0 for a surprising victory.

The good news is that Marko Marin has a lot of experience to help break the game with Milan Pafco and El Fardu.

German coach Jurgens Klopps moved to Arsenal on Wednesday, playing 1-1 draw at Old Trafford. Elmatips struck back with Fergie van Dyke as midfielder Fabian left the ball and sent Adam Lallana to play for Daniel Sturridge. Back to top Roberto Fabio instead.

Swing Swing! Avenged Sevenfold Victory Liverpool Win data-caption =

In the first half of the two teams, a page is opened to exchange a fun 5-minute Marok Marina wings. The first game with a yellow card. The latter enters the Trent Alexander-Arnold socket. Ugly

Then, at 9 minutes, Marin fell to the left in the frame before deducting Trent Arnold, then shot to the right. But Alice's hand on hand is comfortable.

This is a servant forced to visit the team. Okaz shines again 15 minutes from Captain Vyacheslav Savic, who turned 12 meters away, but the ball fell out.

17 minutes in the first "Red" shot after the Sturjurd goal walk with the left frame, but the ball was not good, after three minutes it departed, and the rider could turn right. Sneak in the frame, but the ball to get a local corner kick.

Swing Swing! Avenged Sevenfold Victory Liverpool Win data-caption =

22 minutes after increasing pressure. The fans were on the field when Serena took the lead 1-0. Maroc Marin opened Connor from the right bombs to swim to Milan's head. The ball has a nose in the bottom of the net, but the legs look the same.

Sin Serena, the more you play for 29 minutes, the local move away from the red 2-0 away from the excellent original Pafov, who took the ball from Marin before escaping. With the right hand, the ball went from the side of Alice to the net. The second goal is a 24-year-old star in this game.

Swing Swing! Avenged Sevenfold Victory Liverpool Win data-caption =

A guest team loses two goals. 32 minutes, Salah today looks silent. The ability to shoot some, but the ball ricocheted from the frame to get out one minute later, Lana hit the ball full. But the ball is on the pole.

Serena Zedda's first season brings a great Liverpool 2-0.

Returning to play on the other side, Jurgen Klopp solved the game, replaced two positions, immediately abolished Sturridge and sent Fennier to stand instead of Trent. Alexander – Arnold. Now, just today, focusing on the exit and sending Joe Gomez.

Swing Swing! Avenged Sevenfold Victory Liverpool Win data-caption =

For 48 minutes, the Reds immediately paint the ball from left to head, but the Senegalese striker relieved to block the local. The visitors continued attacking the next minute, Salah flipped midfield to Lalan to beat the ball, but not with the support block. It is OK.

The speed of the table quickly appears for 55 minutes to return to the team, Andrew Robertson opened the ball to beat the ball on the ball. I'm not sure if that is the case.

The game goes through the 24th minute, the local player, Milo Vivian, who focuses on the attack on Maro Marina Center. Then go to the garage to play. Marco Golebich was sent to replace Philippe Stokkovich with a back pain.

70 minutes Liverpool beat the eggs, Salahah spin around the 20-yard bomb to ricochet the local curling almost spun in the box, but good enough to beat the ball to kick the corner kick. And from that moment, Milner turned to Connor and Bournut, who attacked the ball to Salah, before the attacker left the leg.

Swing Swing! Avenged Sevenfold Victory Liverpool Win data-caption =

For 84 minutes, Reds tried to shake the ball to hit the ball on Fenner to the back of the line, throwing Van Dien before the second minute, but the ball attacked the ball on the frame.

The island has the opportunity to beat left again, but the local anarchists round off to successfully complete the game "Servant Avenger". Liverpool 2-0 home to win 4 points to win the finalists. Reds lost the second game 6 points to win the other two shots.

List of players in the field.

Serena Zedda (4-3-3): Milan Borkans – Philip Stokovic (Marco Kobelej 59), Vyacheslav Satich (captain), Milosevic, Milan Rodritsa – Sister Curtis (Bruno Yvizzi, 73), Borgoo Yvizzi, Slalom Sultan – Marok Khazis 64), Milan Pafov, Al Faraday Benazan

Trainer: Vladimir Milosevic

Liverpool (4-3-3): Jennifer Becker – Trents Alexander – Arnold (Jo Gomesen 46), Joel Matip, Fergie van Dyke, Andrew James Robert Milners – Captain Mohamed Daniel Sturridge (Roberto Ferdinano 46), Sardinia

Trainer: Jurgen Klopp

Judge: Antonio Marcelo Oz (Spain)

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