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Sony Bravia, the 2017 model, showed OLED TV, a speaker on the screen!

Every year in different TV producer camps The new product line to attract consumers needs to be updated And television makers like Sony, Bravia TV in 2017 come with 29 models, including the leading Bravia OLED TV A1, the first Sony 4K TV using OLED ( organic light emitting diodes) with acoustic surface loudspeaker It uses screen vibration to create sound

Sony Bravia OLED

Bravia OLED TV A1 excellence is the integration of Sony technology into one TV.

  • OLED screen, 4K resolution (8 million pixels), TRILUMINOS, black color provides completely dark color Support for HDR images
  • The new X1 ™ Extreme image processing chip powered by the Z9D chip family will deliver up to 40% more real-time processing performance than the previous generation chip and can provide better image detail. Very general LED TV
  • Acoustic Surface ™ sound technology can distribute stereo sound by recording sound directly on the TV screen with vibrations. The actuator makes the sound clear and clear. Clear Dimension (This must be tried But the exhibition team heard it and was surprised. For speakers without speakers You can send this sound with a bass because there is a subwoofer on the rear stand
  • Glass Design, One Slate Concept, No Stand or Speaker Makes the picture very noticeable because it doesn't make sense to catch your eyes at all

BRAVIA OLED TV – The A1 series will be available for those who want to pre-order from July 24th to August 13th and receive a premium. PS4 Pro Gaming Player and Gaming Software The total value is over 18,000 baht.

  • 55 inches, the price is 119,900 baht
  • 65 inches, price 229,990 baht

Ask if it is expensive for the average person, but for the OLED TV it is worth it.

Bravia Product Line 2017

Common Calibration Table You can see which model is suitable


X94E and X93E Series The BRAVIA 4K HDR TV, 75-inch and 65-inch in size, has a TV with outstanding design, slide and beautiful, with innovative design, Ultra Slim Design and fully equipped with the best audio and video technology combined, such as Slim Backlight. Drive +, X1 ™ Extreme, 4K X-Reality ™ Pro, TRILUMINOS ™ Display, X-Trend Dynamic Range ™ Pro with 4K HDR Quality Resolution, Complete with Android TV Features It has many applications that you can view on your TV screen so you can enjoy, and the 75-inch X94E series is available at 269,990 baht, and the 65-inch X93E price is 115,990 bytes.

X90E Series – BRAVIA 4K HDR TV, 65-inch and 55-inch, still packed with X1 ™ processor quality technology, 4K X-Reality Pro, TRILUMINOS ™ display and X-tended Dynamic Range ™ Pro with high quality over 4K HDR and Android The 65-inch TV features available for sale at 91,990 baht and 55 inches will be available in two colors: Black Frame and Silver Frame Price 56,990 baht available for sale from June this year, etc.

X85E Series – BRAVIA 4K HDR TV, 75-inch, 65-inch and 55-inch TV that will provide the most accurate TV experience. With sharp color and light details above 4K HDR quality, packed with quality X1 ™ processor, 4K X-Reality Pro, 75-inch TRILUMINOS ™, price is 149,990 bytes, 65-inch 79,990 bats, 55-inch size , not yet specified All models will be released from June this year.

X80E Series – The BRAVIA 4K HDR TV, which is still equipped with high-quality technology such as the 4K X-Reality Pro, the TRILUMINOS ™ display, which makes the TV's color live and realistic. Choose from 3 sizes: 55 inches, 49 inches and 43 inches. Available at 39,490 baht, 30,490 baht and 26,990 baht respectively.

X70E Series – BRAVIA 4K HDR TV with 4K clarity, equipped with 4K X-Reality ™ technology and Motionflow, which helps smooth moving images without spikes. Combined with the perfect sound system with ClearAudio + ™ technology to help you adjust the sound. Realistically in every detail, sound naturally Is it music, conversation and surround sound Clear has different effects. And with real dimensions Available in 4 sizes, 65 inches, 55 inches, 49 inches and 43 inches, sold at 68,990 baht, 32,990 baht, 27,490 baht and 24,990 baht, available from June.


W75E Series – BRAVIA TV with Full HD resolution, complete with technology and TRILUMINOS ™ display, supports HDR, convenient with YouTube keyboard shortcuts. And supports Thai writing With convenient connectivity with built-in Wi-Fi technology that will allow you to enjoy a wide range of applications with unlimited internet. Both watching videos from YouTube and browsing different movies There are two sizes to choose from: 49 inches, price 24,490 bytes and size 43 inches, price 21,490 baht.

W66E series – Full HD screen resolution with X protection pro technology helps protect TV from moisture, dust, surges and lightning, allowing you to enjoy your favorite videos from YouTube conveniently and quickly. Supports HDR, convenient with YouTube keyboard shortcuts. And supports Thai writing, from which you can choose 2 sizes, size 49 inches, price 21,990 baht and 40 inches, price 17,990 bahtu.

Tate Sutaka Suda, Head of Marketing, Consumer Goods, Sony Thai Co., Ltd and Takuo Kobayashi, Sony Thai TV Marketing Manager

Tate Sutaka Suda, General Director of the Consumer Product Marketing Group at Sony Thai Commission, found that this year's TV trend is still focused on 4K TV groups. Fingers grow much. On the other hand, televisions smaller than 45 inches are shrinking. Although the market shrank last year. But Sony continues to generate sales and another trend is HDR content. Starting to strengthen More streaming services from PlayStation 4 are supported by Sony, so start talking with Dolby to use Dolby Vision.

Up to now, top-level television has two main technologies, OLED and QLED, but Sony wants to look at the engine rather than the screen technology. Which Sony has an X1 chip designed to deliver the highest image quality


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