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Shines 2 parallel projects “Income Insurance”, the state adds funds to help “farmers”


December 6, 2020


Shining 2 parallel projects “Income Insurance”, the state squeezes funds for farmers Both loans slowed the sale of paddy rice for the year. And loans to collect rice and create added value for farmers’ institutions

No eventsFarm income insurance How toRice price insurance Is a compensatory payment for the rice growers’ income insurance scheme per year63/64 Parallel measures are being taken in parallel.

Most recently, a Facebook page Thai Koo Fah On 4 December 2020, he posted a report outlining parallel measures for rice growers. more 2 project With details as follows

Farmer! Get funding Help maintain the price of rice Rejoice with the peasant brothers After the government has previously approved the insurance of rice growers and the reduction of production costs. The latest has given P.g.S.Do a parallel project To help finance 2 project Is a

1. Loan project to delay the sale of paddy rice Year of manufacture 2563/64

– Farmers have working capital at the time of rice sales. Don’t rush to sell when prices fall.

Pay the loan 1.5 Millions of tons of unshelled at Humidity not more than 15% Impurity not more than 2

– Farmers borrow no more than each income 300,000 bats

Agricultural cooperatives not more than 300 A million baht

Farmers’ group, not more than 20 A million baht

Community undertakings not more than 5 A million baht

All industries from now on-28 g.Sv.64 The southern part starts in a month. is a.C.-31 g.C.64

2. Credit scheme for the collection of rice and the creation of added value from farmers’ institutions Year of manufacture 2563/64

– Farmers’ institutions have working capital to buy rice for storage from farmers. For sale or privatization to create added value

– Total limit 15,000 A million baht Interest rate 1% Year

You can now apply for a loan –30 g.A. 64.

You can ask for more information on the site P.g.S.All branches throughout the country or Call. 0 2 555 0555

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