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Samsung shows plans to enter the consumer electronics market for 60 years in a woman's era, a big, digital health condition.

Samsung Shows Home Appliances Innovations for 2017 and Announces Strategies for Market with 4 Major Trends: City Family, Digital, Women's Power and Health

Electrical Equipment Innovations for 2017

Samsung offers a new group of electrical appliances at this exhibition. Which action is new

Air conditioning with free wind

The innovation of an air conditioner is that the wind free mode will work after the specified temperature has been reached. The unit will maintain room cooling. But without a strong wind feel uncomfortable And comes with a new inverter motor called 8-pole, the faster, quieter, faster, cooler and the best air filters

Samsung sees that the air conditioner will be this year's hero. With the highest growth rate

Washing machine addWASH

An additional washing machine is a small door for filling clothes. Can add washing powder Solve problems with users who forget that clothes are placed on the machine. Can't wait until linen is finished What Samsung will add to the addWASH version to finish the line There is also a washing machine with drying mode available. Washing and baking in one machine The top cover version has a shell. No need to bend to wash clothes.

Top fabric surface with wash basin Allows users to easily remove stains before they are easily washed

Refrigerator focuses on design.

The refrigerator also focuses on twin cooling, two separate cooling systems for 2 doors, which combine the scent of two cabinets, including triple cooling, and focuses on design with black stainless colors that are popular in the market. But last year a group of refrigerators was a product that didn't grow. Sales almost as much as last year.

Vacuum cleaner Comfortable era

In 2017, Samsung will focus on a more comfortable vacuum cleaner. For example, a group of robots that have been designed to have a higher suction power or a stick-type vacuum cleaner to vacuum in small spaces such as condos

The microwave oven focuses on the baking system and the food grill.

Although the microwave group will not increase much But new microwave models There will also be a baking function (with air) and grilled food. The machine has a heating coil Allows users to use more than just a microwave

Increase your strategy to get into the new market segment that has changed.

Wanna Sawasdikun, vice president of marketing at Samsung Electronics Company Limited, Taiwan, revealed that in 2017 the focus will be on 4 major trends.

Khun Wanna Sawasdikun, Thailand Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd Deputy Head of Marketing

1. An enlarged city – a city

Provincial residents moved to several urban areas. Incorporating family size into smaller towns As a result, residential areas in cities with limited space such as condominiums, apartments and townhouses are expanding

2. Increase in women's purchasing power – women buy more.

In addition, women will now have more purchasing power. Women are also people who decide to buy more. That's why Samsung developed the product. And marketing styles that are more suited to women Perhaps there is no detailed information on deep methods such as men According to the 2015 survey, 33.6% of Thai women are responsible for making decisions and making decisions about home affairs. Thai women have increased by 13.7% compared to 2010, making women a group that plays an important role in the current market.

3. New Omni Shopper (Buyer 4.0)

People read reviews and then buy all the channels. Independently or online (Omni Channel), recent data show that consumers spend the most time online up to 4.2 hours a day. Spending time using information on the internet, waking up in sleep instead of other media Almost every time Watching TV 2.6 hours a day Morning after waking up At dinner, consumers often watch television at the same time Using mobile devices in chat, playing games, and searching for information product and online shopping. The proportion of online purchases between women and men was 74% and 26%, respectively, and electronics products are the second most popular online shopping product after fashion.

What is the condition that the old media is gradually losing power, just as the newspaper is much reduced People use online media more than TV. An important issue is that the new media can be viewed on the mobile phone all day long. Whether the car is stuck, the content can still be viewed. Because everything moves to demand, Samsung is approaching digital.

4. Aging society, healthy – a healthy love trend

As people turned to caring for themselves and eating more useful food, the Thai population has a longer average age and is expected to have 18% of the population in Thailand by 2018. What is more than a childhood population of just 17%, by 2022, Thailand will become the 3rd highest age company in Asia after Japan and Singapore.

When People Have Less Children More interested in health Changing the market

That's why Samsung concluded a new trading model.

  • Switch from pushing content to engagement to make customers more active.
  • Change the text to complex methods It's important to the user How is it good?
  • Not just selling products But with additional services For example, a service that recommends using different products
  • Adapted from the original media Come more digital media TV is still used to create awareness. But more spread online
  • The original trading channel still exists. There is a shop in front of the store. But more online Expand the market Because it is convenient especially for customers who have access to complex stores in other provinces

(Left) Khun Saowanee Siririyakul, Khun Wanna Sawadikul

On the way, Khun Saowanee Siririyakul, Director of Household Appliances Company, Thai Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., believes that electrical appliances are growing by 5% or 50 billion, especially air conditioners, which will grow much as Thai people are still using air conditioners, not high. There are still many ways to get in. Thai consumers tend to pay more If you get a really better product


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