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Repeatedly! PM 2.5 by spraying poison, causing young men to die

January 31, 2019 at 11:00.


PM 2.5 mini dust alarm sending, but the toxicity is not too small, more frightening than you think. After the young man has died, he has to go for 5 days

Bangkok and its surroundings Still facing a situation where PM 2.5 dust exceeds the standard Until it affects health all over the face The latest online world has shared stories from Facebook users. Songsamut SpeedVan There is a death from a small dust poison It made the young man until they were caught in the ICU, indicating that

"The anxiety is near, it's more frightening than I think. Beware … #No dust. Don't think of it as just a dusty thing! # Choose if someone thinks we're worrying. # I want someone to help warn that it is really dangerous.

Sunday was a night of dust, fever, cough, sore throat, morning morning, fatigue, sputum, spray, no arrows, then go to a pulmonary hospital with inflammation of the airways Acute bronchospasm Lack of oxygen in the blood. pipe garden was high until vein was damaged Arrested wearing gloves, tied hands, legs tied to chest 5 points Symptomatic care Do not worry Do not let important blood vessels break, do not get infected. Want to wait for treatment results for 5 full nights. Deleted and survived, but had to be carefully observed and monitored. There are only a few symptoms to hurry to find a doctor. # Children, elderly, congenital diseases, allergies. # Coughing airways are more vulnerable than others.

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Thanks for the information and pictures from Facebook Songsamut SpeedVan.

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