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"Remember, smile," revealed when the "Chusee" family did not respect each other, I respect myself.


A loud jokeChusee Chaimimai Come to announce father's cut Cut the baby with a booming daughter until it became a critical stream. Sanan Social Review What was in the pastCame to open the heart of the storySo Chusi was displeased with her daughter's love.Mother more Boms apologized and acceptedSome are wrong Invitation note smile A great funny version of the addressThe industry for a long time And very close to this family Have come to open the heart of the storyChookee and her daughter using the programPress channel on ONE31 channel withPK Piyawat AndThanya Thanyares Or MC

Many people already know about Chu.I cut my daughter, Ah, think Chusi is strong?

Note: I think the blood line does not match.Lack of mouth, how to say it, not heartUndoubtedly both were called. The tears that come out are the blood of the heart. Only it does not have color Chusee is a person who loves children, loves the family, but only the image that comes out.What do you like, but every mountain is important?What I was most worried aboutFamily institution Because it's somethingVery fragile, which I mean if people take careCan't be a happy familyWe went to work big, notAchieve

Why is A-stick close to this family??

Note: Chusee as younger As a student My name is given What invited me to smileThe first is not great, as are bird relatives, parents' daughters are like hair. And then the birds grew out of lilac.Fun to be with Diamond Dara Chaim Finished and then pulled out in the afternoon One time I will not forget Boonkoo.Na Nok Wanida, so when doing the country and not destroyingIt was an almost confiscated house. I have to stop learning. He had a debt to recover him, twenty percent made a check to exchange the money he had already paid off. And said he took the car to finance

When the story of Chusi hyung increasesIn the second, has anyone come to consult with him?

Note: I'm talking to Chusi. You can only say that you are calm. If we all talk Asked if we really have a father. I smiled with the duck.How Much But If I CanHe came to this list, parents and me and the ducks come together to speak, in fact he is a good person.Many people who love the family Even if he is divorced But sometimes things that can be heardRecorded ear for your childNegative Than Positive When I went to talk, I didn't listen to her, sometimes I didn't listen. His father could not explain.How He Delivered Social Networks I Want him to Meet the List.I'm just talking, I want to leave Boom. See. Chus, don't listen to your mouthHeart

Is there a current sentence that Booms is an aggressive child?

Note: Better is a stubborn child. People are born if they are stubborn.Sure of yourself whoThis can be done correctly if other people have already spoken. And when he went to talk, he still did. So people think this child is aggressive. And all the aggressionThere are reasons and consequences, I think the three people who opposeI use the word "bad". With the brain in mind, the heart ordered a job, then the brain thought.It is easy to print, complete, releaseCan

Is the broker inconvenient?

Note: Very uncomfortable, uncomfortable, sympathetic, sympathetic, careful, careful not to worry about things like this.Can't be this kind of thing?We're funny. We are people who smile and voices.Yong laughed and exchanged money. And if you do it And if people get worse then what will happen How funny is it to play? If People Don't Like I Don't Think How To Do It Two days I will meet this family.Then I'll talk, but I'll talk to Khun Duck. Please smile again to tell the way.Which two sides understand that the poolDon't teach or forbid I want him to think it isGood advice on notes and ducks, invited Smiles to hear, asked if we were tortured, tortured, uncomfortable, uncomfortable, but we pardon both families.

If he was looking for what he said?He?

Note: I really want to harass him more, I want to tilt the bird. I dare to respect myself for love. Can't Live Together, Love Each Other And Then Stop Saying Things That Are NotOthers need to know if their parents are not following each other, I will follow him in this list.

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