Tuesday , February 7 2023

Police Board 1 pulled out three hundred thousand methamphetamine tablets.


1. Regional Police Raise a new ex-fleet employee. Divorce is a drug dealer. Three hundred thousand methamphetamine used a parking lot.

At noon 10.00 on 8 November 2018 at the Provincial Police Headquarters 1 (Vibhavadee 1), Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok. Major General Amphol Buabamporn .1 with Major General Amnat Charoencharoen, Pol Pol Pol. Supoti Boonkong, Deputy Director General, Ph.D., Pol.Gen. 1 pan The Jatuporn Promprasert, MD, 1, and Chulalongkorn Inspectorate 1 jointly announce the arrest of 49-year-old Sunthorna Pajjatang. 90 Moo 1, Tambon Mae Yao, Muang Chiang Rai, Chiangrai, with a total of 150 methamphetamine links in the center of 300,000. Pick-up trucks brand Mitsubishi Model Starda black-gray registered at 9310 Chiang Rai. 1 car and 1 mobile phone can be arrested at the underground parking lot 21E, Central Plaza. Chiang Rai Branch Muang Chiang Rai, Chiang Rai before November 7th.

Maj Gen Ampol discovered the arrest. On April 27, 61 policemen arrested Mr Chaikorn or a guard with 24,000 amphetamine pills. Investigative unit Kor Lek 1 investigated the case. Nordic drug use has not stopped the supply of drugs in central districts. Lured to buy drugs from Mr Aha and Mr Bubba, a producer of drugs at Mae Salong, Mae Chan, Chiang Rai. There are drug users Sunthorn. They are looking for customers to sell a lot of drugs. First of all, Mr Sunthorn with the investigators. Drug sellers agreed October 25 at 61 department store Pathum Thani, but could not agree. Then arrange the meeting again, October 26, at 61st place. It can not be agreed again. While Mr. Sunthorn did not agree with the staff to arrange the delivery of other medicines at 7-7. In November, Chiang Rai Department Store.

Maj. Gen. Amphan discovered it. During the meeting Mr Sunthorn met with the staff and spoke. Then take them to a parking lot underground parking lot. Before pointing to the pickup stock. And that the grass is ready to hide the cab pickup. Suspension staff to check. Mr. Sunthorn stood at the end. When authorities check if it is amphetamine. I'm not sure what to say. An adder and amphetamine are all media.

Maj. Gen. Amphan discovered it. The police have investigated the seizure of the drug distribution network from the north to send clients in the Central Region. Including regular drug use. In the past, many large drug dealers were arrested. From Good Police to Collaborating Drug Abuse. And police in the 5th region help to destroy the network of drug traffickers as much as possible.

From the investigation, Mr Sunthorn. To be recognized. Be a True Drug Trailer Formerly a Temporary Worker in the Kok River National Park. Before working in general. And have been a drug for many years. In my opinion, the drug industry is entrusted. Instead, replace yourself with a drug dealer. Buying from a manufacturer at a cheap price. Then came a profit to yourself again.

Firstly, the officer charges a fee. "The sale includes Category 1 medicines (meth- amphetamine) and illicit distribution. Mr Sunthorn Investigation Center sent the investigating officer a lawsuit.

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