Friday , October 22 2021

Phu Pha Krang Songkran objected to real brothers? Family sympathy with mint.


Before the family brothers and sisters were seen, online issues grew. "Techanarong" as Maypai Pani And Jan Phatthan Get a Falling Ice Man brother Songkran Following the announcement of fellowship with the new hero Mattini A great drama created in the social world While many do not see that the family has not appreciated the brother's new girlfriend?

Latest Phupha Chaenarong Have come to open the heart of the case and accept both sisters and fight with the older brother, such as Songkran. But he thinks it should only be small. In the family, the parent came to consult. Yan Pa Phai Wong has not chosen a department. Because it is mature enough You don't want to intervene on this issue And discovered that he met Mattini Some speak normally. Sympathetic and encouraging Like Chalida Girlfriend after being tied to drama The house feels bad.

Our brother now has a lot of news. How do we encourage him?
"Brother Unknown is a man who is determined to work. And he is growing up so I chose him to be better honored. No matter what he does or not."

Like the story of news that our sister, 2 people, falls into his instincts. Do we know what happened?
"I saw this message with everyone, and when I saw myself, I was shocked. But I think it would be a little more family argument. I don't know what the argument is. Think it should be more work

Has anyone come to ask for advice?
"Brother, he shouldn't come to consult me. Because I'm the youngest person. Mostly I'll listen more. Because I'm a person who doesn't say much."

Are you worried because the current what people watch? He sees our family clearly divided.
"No, because I believe this argument. This is not a big question to consider. Brothers have a common struggle. Finally, finally, everyone has to fight for each other. Be the same family as before."

How did our father talk about it? Due to the news that came out Is it the Father's choice?
"Father, also choose the side?" (Smile) Uh … I see that his father is the most mature. He may not be sitting on his side. In other words, it's about children. You may not come to sit and confuse the children. ”

Do we think we can act as a glue for the family?
"No need to stick. Finally, as I said, the family must return well. The family must be a family."

How do we feel? That people see this problem as our brother's girlfriend?
"I can't give this answer. Because I don't know what information. If you answer, it wouldn't be good. I think we should honor those who have the right to make better decisions."

Do we have the chance to meet Mattini?
"See you in the new year. As our family celebrates the New Year every year, when I meet, I say a normal conversation.

Do our brothers love?
"I'm not sure. Because I'm talking to this person (Looking at the mint)"

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