Monday , February 6 2023

Parker makes a new record for the sun


Images from NASA

Local time at 13.04 USA on October 29th Parker Solar Probe NASA's National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Place new statistics close to the immediate sun that has ever been done in human research. It exceeded the original Helios 2 spacecraft, which was built under the US-Germany cooperation at 42.73 million kilometers. April 1976

Parker Solar Propulsion also broke the Helix 2 speed record, speeding over 246,960 km / h (246,960 km / h). Such a course. And in the near future a lot of statistics will have to be stopped.

Parker was sent on August 12th from Canaveral coast, Florida. Going to target 78 days later, it is planned to climb over the sun in a 24-degree close range, which will approach each round in the near future, when the last stage will be around 2025. Parker is located just 6.16 million kilometers from the sun, and will be gravitating toward maximum sunlight. Projections for space at 690,000 km / h.

Parker Solar Probes are made of special carbon compounds. To eliminate solar heat and radiation, the vessel destroys all research equipment.

Aim to study the sun. The center of the solar system is to find the answer. Why the external atmosphere of the sun, called "coronium", is much higher than the surface temperature of the star. And find the answer to that. What exactly does catalyst accelerate the solar wind at such high speeds?

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