Monday , March 1 2021

Nopporn Woranuch surprised her first friend in the industry. I miss you (clip)

It was a very impressive picture, when both the herons, as reported on Channel 7, both Ampatchara Phaiyaphan and Nora Woranuch Piyapakdee accidentally met at the mall. And in order to record the story of the clip, the fans are delighted and they want them to return to the drama again again.

Come see the floating museum debut. The "Sri Seaside Seaside" icon at the River Park Shopping Center in Siam. I beg to impress after meeting with my first friend in the entertainment industry.

How about an accident?

"Punch to the gym. When I drive, I will be a bit of work, I go to a shopping center to buy food. All will say that eh. Can it be reduced? What to eat with friends and he went to buy the same food . "

How many times have you met this year?
"Before I had a birthday party last year, it has been a long time," she said, walking four hours alone. The condition is very damaged. "

And clips Many had an impression?
"I really miss each other because it's really my friend in the industry."

Have you ever been afraid?
"Do not crash! If you have more than this, I will not pay enough (laughs).

Many people see that they walk only as one person. Did you speak
"Just talk to me. That day he went alone. I told him that he had to turn to his car and asked if he had complained that he was alone."

Do not update your personal life or not?
"There is no one to meet. People are scattered."

Will you be able to get back to work?
"If you have the opportunity, I would like to work together again because they are friends. It's fun to be together. Take care of each other."

Do you have any contacts with each other?
"Where are you?"

Will you be able to capture the legendary hero?
"I have never talked about it. I have a friend. Do you want to share with him? I do not speak. I can not tell. I have to contact to find it."

Are you worried? Now my friends are still alone?
"I am beautiful and good friends. Beautiful and very rich in it."

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