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News for TNN24 Channel 16 all the truths.

Is "Lorraadine" or "drug allergy" of drugs a drug that is sold in pharmacies. Increase patient availability. Reduce congestion in the hospital Slow but safe results of drug labeling results.

Today (28, 61 November) from the resolution to reduce control status. "Loratadine" or "drug allergy" from drugs sold to pharmacies. This causes a certain alarm in the pharmacist.

Recently Dr. Dr Surachoke Yuvivat, Deputy Director General of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), explained that the Committee on Medicines carefully considered and controlled side effects on safety. It is evident that Laurate Dean has less side effects. In the United States, this drug has been used as a home remedy for more than 10 years, while in Thailand, on average, there are 10 to 30 percent of the population. Do not wait to see a doctor. Reduce Hospital Congestion.

It reduces the size of each panel to 10 tablets, no more than 2 panels, and other containers are still dangerous drugs as before. Do not worry about continuous use. And confirmed that the status correction is not to increase sales to pharmaceutical companies.

Although this applies to it. Lorraine Deodorant will be available in stores. Or pharmacies without pharmacists Deputy Secretary-General Patients can explore their properties and how to use them. And precautionary measures for the use of the medicinal product from the labeling.

There are requirements. On the label, the medicine should only be labeled as allergic. Do not narrow the sun. This will prevent people from using drugs and using illicit drugs. In the past, some patients took this drug rather than a nasal congestion. What does not affect the symptoms. The following action will be submitted to the Professor of Public Health at Dr. Piyasakol Sakolsatayathorn. Sign and use. At the same time, the company that manufactures the drug for sale also needs to adjust the dosage according to the criteria to be expected 1-2 months to sell a new drug lot in the pharmacy.

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