Monday , March 1 2021

New Chaiyapon wins film "Wonderful glass nananat" after 3 years loss – innnews

Just close to the last curve before the fantasy movie screen. " How much is a young hero?"New Chaiyapool Part" It's very exciting. After three years on the silver screen. This time, returning to the silver screen is not normal. The role of "admiral", a young man full of taste. I have a lot of tears. I'm not sure what to say. I'm with you Tuning – Chirrudee AmorluckThis is the first time I've faced this role. I'm looking forward to learning about the experience and experience accumulated over the years. I have not worn completely. Thank you! Wat Rat Rat (Thoughtadeagul) The story draws attention to a society in which sin is guilty. It also includes contemporary social thought.

Up to "New Chaiyapool Part" "The movie is about to release it and I'm excited because I've gone 3 years. I'm a movie lover, I love and fascinate every time I play a movie with new stories, including this." Miraculous Glass is a film with a taste. Growth Play from persecution to grow up Character is a regular guy Hot hottie teen with smash hit I'm trying to make mistakes what day is the turning point to find the light I started to change myself For the first time playing is like a real person's autobiography It's new The challenge is for us, so tuning (the heroine) is fun, we never meet so new. Make it a fun movie. We work together to talk and play with the script and the one that makes us work together. The director is good, I talking with each other Recommendations There are many people in my life I win it I would like to shoot miraculous glass with me My latest work November 22 Cinema theaters around the country I "

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